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I decided to try this dish for New Years Lunch. I managed to obtain all the ingredients by our local Indian spice store. Followed the recipe to the letter. The end result was worth all the time and effort. So many new flavours and spices. Urad dhal...must look for recipes to use this ingredient. Another successful curry to add to my cookbook. Thanks Daydream

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anomdo December 31, 2009

This recipe creates an authentic Indian curry, which I was looking for (I tire of the "North Americanized" versions). It was my first time making it and it was fabulous! Thanks very much.

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D-Tag April 08, 2007

WOW!!!! This was a true curry lovers thrill - the bit of work involved is so worth it. Lol - I had a couple of mishaps (my fault)...I don't have a coffe grinder so I thought I'd be clever and put the dry-roasted spice mix in the small bowl of my food processor...big mistake!! Whole spices flew everywhere..lol...I transferred the spices to my mortar and pestle and ground them by hand. Also when I added the mustard seeds to the hot oil they popped all over the place...heehee, I must get a splatter guard...there were mustard seeds everywhere!!! When I added the garlic,ginger, curry leaves and shallots the mustard seeds settled down and seemed happy to stay in the pan :). I used grated fresh coconut (which my partner cut up with his power saw..lol)and 4 Tbsp of fresh minced chilli...I also used a 1.6kg leg of lamb which I cut into 1/2 - 1 inch cubes and 3 cups of water, cooked the curry for 4 hours over a very low heat....the result was delicious, the kids said they could smell it cooking from up the street!!! This curry got a five star thumbs up from all - and we are big curry lovers!! Unfortunately I couldn't find the Urad Dal - hopefully I will find it before I want to cook this again because I'm sure it will add to the meal. Thanks Daydream for a dish that is more an experience than just something to eat!!

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Fairy Nuff February 13, 2005

AWESOME!! This is absolutely delicious. It is more time consuming than the other curries I usually cook but that is probably because I had to buy a whole coconut and had the pain of trying to open it, extract the flesh and then grate it (I decided I would prefer it grated). I was starting to wonder if it was worth it but having tasted it I can highly recommend it! I didn't have lamb so used beef instead. I also added the spice mix before the meat because I like to fry all my masala well beforehand to avoid any "raw spice" taste. If you do that, make sure you add a little hot water to avoid the spices from burning... Thanks Wendy - a well deserved 5 star!!

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HappyBunny February 03, 2005
Kerala Lamb Curry