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I would have given it 5 stars, but the milk amount is just too far off. Everyone seems to be having a problem with the amount listed. I know it says "or more as needed for a smooth batter", but I had to at least double it not to end up with the consistency of a heavy muffin batter. Once I adjusted the milk, the results were very good. I have never had luck frying chicken before. Usually my coating is done way before the chicken is cooked through. This recipe solves that problem wonderfully. From that stand point this is the only recipe for fried chicken I will ever make again! The batter reminds me of Weaver brand batter dipped chicken. I also think that you could probably experiment by adding different seasonings to this batter to get Italian style or any other flavor combination you could come up with. I'm also thinking of taking your tip of steam cooking the chicken first, and trying it out leaving the baking powder out, to see how it works with a non batter type recipe. I'll bet it makes a crisp fried chicken that way, and continues to solve my problem of over done coating with underdone chicken. Thanks for sharing Molly, this recipe gives me plenty of ideas to play with. If you change the milk amount like most of the reviewers said, I'd change my rating to 5 stars.

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Steve P. September 07, 2009

Excellent The whole family loved this recipe, I did need too add extra milk to the recipe other than that everything else i done the same.
Thanks for the recipe it's great.

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cliffy75 January 24, 2012

I TOTALLY agree with last review! As I had to add a bit more milk for the batter too! I think if you DON'T expect it to be EXACTLY like KFC, Just "accept" this recipe as it was MEANT to be! I too steam cooked chicken, will make again, I got from DH, "BUT WHEN?" lol Thanks!

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mickeydownunder September 04, 2009

Hello Molly; Made this chicken for dinner last night and was delighted with the finished product. The chicken was so tender and juicy and the coating was not heavy, but turned out a beautiful light golden brown. I also steam-cooked the chicken pieces in chicken broth, what a fantastic idea. I did have to add more milk as the batter was somewhat on the thick side. When adjusted, it turned out perfect. Otherwise, I followed the recipe as written. My DW who does not eat any red meat, only chicken breasts, was absolutely delighted with this chicken. She does not like a heavy, thick coating, so this pleased her to no end. Thank you Molly and I will be making this recipe more often as my DW will now demand it. Warmest Regards, "Uncle Bill"

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William (Uncle Bill) Anatooskin August 30, 2009

Molly, made this tonight for dinner. I poached the chicken in broth yesterday, cooled it and refrigerated until tonight. I did let it come to room temperature before frying tho! That made it so easy.......just make the batter and fry. I did have a problem with the batter being too stiff, and added almost a cup more milk.(It was much thinner, and fried just perfectly. It doesn't take long at all since the meat is done and the batter fries up crispy and golden in a short time. I think I could have added even more pepper, but will do that next time. We all enjoyed this recipe, and I am anxious to try it cold tomorrow..(love it that way too). Thanks for a new way of fixing perfectly cooked chicken. Donna

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donnie27 August 22, 2009

How funny is it that I just made this recipe the other day, and knowing the wealth of food knowledge, and outstanding recipes from this recipe author, I knew this had to be a winner. There is something about rafting *fried* chicken coming out of open summer windows and even the valley below can tell something's up and something is um-um - good coming out of "The Longmeadoaw Farm" kitchen this evening. I followed this exactly, and I especially knew the baking powder addition is a must to the recipe. The baking powder makes a bust-a-move when hit with the hot oil, and allows the chicken pieces to swell and burst with flavor. No extra seasoning needed. Perfect, simple, and brought the farm-hands in like ants to the picnic basket. Bravo! Made just because this made the top 25 *Fried Chicken* recipes August 2009

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Andi of Longmeadow Farm August 20, 2009

Please, cooks, this is not meant to be take-away KFC!!! Molly, thanks, this was great. Instead of ordinary salt I used a local all-purpose seasoning salt containing ground herbs, dried lime zest and ground coriander seeds. I also used a plump organic chicken and cut it up. Please keep in mind that these days most commercial chickens are tasteless. If you want taste, choose your chicken accordingly. A great recipe -- otherwise you go out to the nearest KFC branch. Molly explained in her intro what this recipe was about, and it's NOT supposed to be the Colonel's chicken! READ it!

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Zurie August 20, 2009

Molly, Thanks for the recipe. I am from KY and this is how we fry our chicken all the time. I rarely taste anyone's chicken from this area that actually tastes like KFC, it is much better than KFC. Thank you for posting, now I don't have to.

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Jacqueline in KY August 20, 2009

Ummm, I guess Verna didn't read the description saying this recipe is NOT meant to be a KFC knock-off. I thought it was authentic KENTUCKY and very tasty! Thanks for sharing!

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Jadeno August 19, 2009

Even at a glance, you can see that there's a problem with the ratio of flour to milk. Really, 1/2 cup milk to 1 1/2 cups flour? It's obvious that one or the other is wrong. Most likely a typo. Whoever proof-reads these recipes should fix this.

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CalGal January 29, 2013
Kentucky-Style Fried Chicken