Kentucky Southern Fried Chicken Authentic

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READY IN: 168hrs 20mins
Recipe by An Italian Jew

This is not the stuff the kids serve at the fast food chains, this here is the real deal. it is simple, but you must stick to the recipe to enjoy the actual flavor, in other words, don't use vegtable oil instead of peanut oil. Do it like I say and you will be a superstar.

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  1. Mix half of dry( excluding flour) ingreidents with butter milk.
  2. Stir butter milk mixture well.
  3. Place chicken parts in butter milk ( zip-lock bags work well) in refrigerator for one week.
  4. Mix other half of dry ingrdients with flour.
  5. Drain chicken in a large colander or strainer until the butter milk mixture is only dripping down at a drip drop pace, about 20 minutes.
  6. Heat oil to 390 degrees in a large pan, deep fryer, or dutch oven. use a candy thermometer to maintain temperature( they cost about $6.00).
  7. Toss chicken in flour like you would shake and bake stuff.
  8. Shake off excess flour.
  9. Deep fry chicken in hot peanut oil until a deep golden brown and cooked through.

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