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Vanessa, While the recipe says to slowly pour the sauce over the still warm cake it dosent say you have to pour it over all at once. Sinnce the cake will stay warm for quite some time just wait for the first bit you pour to seep in before adding more. Reheat the sauce if it cools to much. Another trick if carefully done is to use the long tined fork that one picks up a roast with. That will make the holes much deeper into the cake and therefore absorb more sauce and much quicker. But press the tines in slowly as they are wider than a dinner fork too and you don't want to chop up your cake. Hope this helps. :)

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Steve P. December 30, 2002

This is an incredibly moist and delicious cake. It was hard not to just sit at the table and pick off bits of the cake until we'd devoured the whole thing. Unfortunately, we can't make this too often, or we'd have to be rolled out of the house. I love that it doesn't start with a mix and that we typically have all the ingredients on hand. I used a skinny wood chopstick to poke holes in the cake and the sauce was beautifully distributed throughout. Thank you for this wonderful wonderful recipe!

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Akikobay March 14, 2003

WOW! This was just delicious. I poked holes in my cake with a wooden skewer, went all the way to the bottom. It was heavenly.

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paula giles February 10, 2003

The cake was great, but I have one question, when I poked holes in the warm cake and poured the sauce slowly onto the cake, it didn't seep right through, so some parts were moist while others were not. Can anyone help me out?

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KitchenManiac December 24, 2002

This cake is wonderful. My husband said is definitely a keeper. I also found it very quick and easy. I served it with some fresh peaches that I had frozen from the summer.

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Patsy Frankic April 16, 2002

This is a great cake. It's very moist with a dense but tender crumb. The butter is the star so you definitely want to use a good quality. The recipe is on many websites with varying mixing instructions. Some follow the traditional way of mixing a cake batter by creaming the sugar and butter, adding the eggs, then alternately adding the dry ingredients and buttermilk. I used the directions here and was a bit concerned because the batter wasn't completely smooth when I poured it into the pan. Cake tested done at 58 mins. Like some others I used a chopstick to poke the holes for the butter sauce, and gradually added the sauce in batches until it was completely absorbed. I added a few tablespoons of Amaretto to the sauce. Would sprinkle coarsely chopped pecans in the bottom of the cake pan before pouring in the batter the next time.

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sadielady April 13, 2010

Diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiivine!! Easy to make scratch cake. It should be served with defibrillator's (on the side) due to the amount of butter in it, but for that rare and VERY SPECIAL OCCASION this is THEE cake. I served it with a sweetened cherry sauce, and whipped cream. TOOOO DIE FOR!

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highmtn October 09, 2012

what a wonderful taste this cake has. it reminds me a favorite cake my mother made. my changes...i added 1/2 teaspoon almond extract to both the cake and the butter sauce. next time i will add pecans to the cake batter. my mistakes...i got lazy and didn't flour the pan, and the cake came out in 2 pieces, so be sure and grease and flour the pan well. also, i didn't check on the cake until the full baking time of 60 minutes. was a little overdone, probably 50 minutes would have done it. no fault to the recipe, as i know cooking times vary. beautifully flavored cake with a great texture. thanks for the recipe!

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susie61 September 23, 2008

My grown children said this was the BEST cake I have ever made!! It was easy to put together, with ingredients you normally have on hand--it turned out of the pan easy and was beautiful!! Since my son wanted CHOCOLATE icing--I put some chocolate chips in the butter sauce. Delicious!!

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Antique Chef August 02, 2005

I just made this after seeing it recommended as a good way to use up buttermilk. It's simple and heavenly, and that's despite my taking a stab at improving it's caloric profile. I used half as much butter (light type by Land O Lakes) and replaced the extra 1/2 cup with an oatrim / buttermilk slurry. I also used 4 extra large egg whites plus 1 extra large egg yolk, and a couple tablespoons lecithin granules instead of the 4 whole eggs. Finally, I used part Splenda in place of some of the sugar. The vanilla sauce really does provide the perfect finish to this cake. I used a pastry brush rather than pouring, and reserved about 1/4 c to apply to the top of the cake once it was removed from the pan. Can't wait to try other variations on the sauce, e.g., using honey instead of white sugar and water, or adding an additional extract like coconut, rum, or lemon. Thanks for posting.

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Heather U. August 30, 2004
Kentucky Butter Cake