Total Time
Prep 48 hrs
Cook 5 hrs

Ingredients Nutrition


  1. Pour 2 cups bourbon or whiskey over raisins and cherries.
  2. Soak in covered container for 48 hours.
  3. Before mixing in cake, drain well, reserve bourbon.
  4. Soften butter at room temp.
  5. cream until light.
  6. Add sugar,beat until fluffy.
  7. Beat egg yolks until very light, than add brown sugar.
  8. Beat well to dissolve sugar.
  9. In a very large bowl, combine the 2 sugar mixtures blend well.
  10. Mix nutmeg baking powder with 4-1/2 cups flour.
  11. Mix other 1/2 cup flour with nuts.
  12. Add flour mixture alternately with bourbon to sugar,butter, egg mixture, mixing well after each addition.
  13. Add soaked fruit, fold in, then add the nuts fold in.
  14. Beat egg whites until stiff but not dry.
  15. Fold into batter until evenly distributed.
  16. Pour in greased 10" tube pan lined with greased brown paper.
  17. Place a pan of water in bottom of oven.
  18. Bake 4-5 hours at 275.
  19. Test with toothpick about 2" from outer edge of cake.
  20. May take longer than 5 hours.
  21. Remove from oven and allow to cool for 15 minutes before turning out.
  22. When almost cool, sponge sides inside hole heavily with bourbon-saturated cheesecloth.
  23. Cover cake with this cloth, then in plastic wrap Let set overnight saturate again.
  24. Recover tightly with plastic wrap.
  25. Store at least 2 weeks.
Most Helpful

This cake is just exquisite...I made it up in three loaf pans and alls I can say is fruitcake don't get much better than this! It was worth every bit of effort and expense. This will be my go-to Christmas Cake from now on. Thanks so much for the recipe!

Montana Ma December 07, 2012

My husband is the fruit cake lover in the family and he loved this fruit cake. The only change I made in the recipe is I used part candied mixed fruit and part candied red cherries and walnuts rather than pecans. I forgot to satuate the cake again the next day, but didn't seem to make any difference in the taste. This cake was very moist for a fruit cake. Thanks for sharing.

Lighthouse Rita January 07, 2010