Kenedas' Spicy Carrot Soup

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READY IN: 40mins
Recipe by Kenedausa

A smooth creamy soup with no cream or flour so it's low fat or no fat depending on how you want to make it.

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  1. Once you have peeled the amount of carrots you want to use , cut them into 1 inch chunks for faster cooking.
  2. Add peeled chopped carrots to pot with 1/2 level of water. When carrots are added pot will then be almost full within reason.
  3. (not too full.).
  4. Toss in two bullions
  5. Add two tablespoons brown sugar.
  6. Put aside chili pepper and milk.
  7. Turn heat on pot to high then when water is going lower heat to simmer. Let simmer until carrots can be poked with knife pretty easily but don't cook to much or the carrots loose their integrity, flavor , and nutritional value. Not to mention color.
  8. Once done let sit until you can safely blend without burning yourself,this is a good time to add your milk as it will help cool more quickly.- blend in batches.You may need a separate pot to add each freshly blended batch to as you go. If you see blender struggling add more stock from pot, as carrots seem to blow up and thicken on their own when blending.(BLEND WELL!).
  9. On the last batch add as much chopped pepper as you want then blend and add back to pot with the rest of your soup.
  10. Stir you soup well and reheat on medium low heat Tips-If soup is too thick simply add a little water then stir until you are happy with it's consistancy. You may also lighty salt if desired or add a small amount of fresh butter for smoothness. Enjoy!

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