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My Aunt Karen has been making this recipe for years. I finally asked her for the recipe and was surprised at how easy it is to make. You absolutely MUST continue beating the butter until the sugar granules disappear into it (5 minutes), and then you must beat each egg in seperately (approx 5 minutes each.) This makes it time consuming, and practically impossible to whip by hand. In fact, a Kitchen Aid type mixer will really work the best, but I have also done it with an electric hand mixer in a large bowl. Other than the time involved, it is very simple and completely delicious. My husband says it is "the height of decadence" and everyone I serve it to asks me for the recipe. Try it!

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Faux Chef Lael December 09, 2010

I ate the whole thing in 12 hours. A mistake. Don't do that. This pie requires that someone ELSE serves you a small slice and hides the rest.

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Todd Webb December 31, 2010

Make sure you beat the eggs at least 8 minutes each time one is put into the bowl...I use the whipping paddle on my KitchenAid, instead of the regular one...made the filling higher and creamier...this was made for an event tonight and so many people asked about it...Great recipe! Served it in an Oreo cookie crust...with whipped cream on top. People wanted to take it home with them on a plate...after eating a piece, they wanted more!

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Lutie January 21, 2011

Great recipe. I made it using pasteurized eggs in a carton (1/2 cup=2 eggs), and substituted real whipped cream for the Cool Whip--very nice! Oreo crust on this one.

The second time I made this, I did the mods above and also increased the baker's chocolate to 3 oz. and decreased the sugar to a rounded 1/2 cup (from 3/4 cup), for more of a dark chocolate taste--still plenty sweet. Graham cracker crust on this. Excellent either way! May try adding some brewed coffee to the mix if I do it again . . . .

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shields.a September 17, 2012

I made a double pie for Mother's Day - and I really liked it. I used cage free organic eggs (which I almost always do) because the idea of a pie with raw eggs kind of freaked me out a little. I made it with a stand mixer, beating 5 minutes on high using the whisk attachment after adding each PAIR of eggs (4 eggs total, 2 at a time). It came out really, really good. I couldn't bring myself to tell anyone that was eating it that there were raw eggs in it, but I felt a little guilty for not telling them. But, it was just wonderful. Thank you!

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Mama Wendy May 12, 2011

I've been making this exact recipe for more than 25 years! I do sometimes add an extra half ounce of chocolate for a deeper color and flavor. I like it best with a real pie crust and serve whipped cream on the side if at all.. It needs to chill for much more than an hour, especially if you double it like I always do. (My recipe says chill overnight.) I highly recommend using a Metro blade on your KitchenAid; it does a fantastic job of scraping the bowl and dissolving the sugar. With it I only scrape manually twice, once before the second egg and then again at the end. These days I only serve this to close family and friends and maybe would try pasteurized eggs if serving to someone who is immunocompromised... but as far as I know in all the dozens (hundreds?) of times I've made it no one has gotten sick.

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MarySC January 01, 2012

5 stars accross the board! This is one easy pie and although I wasn't crazy about the raw egg I still followed the recipe. I did use semi-sweet baking chocolate, only because I picked it up by mistake. It still tuned out awesome. My hubby loved it and said he's not crazy about french silk pies but loved this one. Thanks for a great recipe!

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Mrs. Flanagan December 30, 2011

I would give it more stars if I could! We made 19 of these pies for our church's dinner theatre fund raiser. We used Egg Beaters instead of whole eggs because they are pasteurized and I was concerned about the raw eggs. We also used whipped cream instead of Cool Whip. Everyone loved them. None of the plates came back with any pie left on them. Great recipe. We froze them and served them just slightly icy.

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jneen April 26, 2010

I have made this pie at least 10 times. This is my husband's favorite dessert hands down!! He requests it for every holiday/celebration. I usually use a oreo/chocolate cookie crumb crust and I always use homemade whipped cream. Make sure you follow the directions exactly and mix until sugar is no longer grainy in the butter and be sure to whip after each egg for at least 5 minutes. Fabulous recipe, thank you!!!!

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Baylor Bare Pantry November 12, 2014

Great light but rich pie. I used the paddle on my Kitchen Aide but switched to the whisk when adding the eggs. Made for a light but so good pie. Made a graham cracker crust which was great but may try chocolate next time.

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adopt a greyhound May 27, 2012
Kelly's French Silk Chocolate Pie