Kelly's Chicken Cordon Bleu

READY IN: 1hr 14mins
Recipe by Wildflour

Posting this by request! "Winged" this the other night, and boy was it good! I served it with a creamy, rich mushroom gravy (cheated), mashed potatoes and green beans. Enjoy!

Top Review by kiwidutch

I usually hate breading things, since most of my earlier efforts tended to fall completely off the meat, but am slowly learning the art of letting the meat dry and believe me it makes a world of difference ! I added more garlic powder and more Parmesan since I had a packet to use up. I beat up the poor chicken breasts with a meat tenderiser mallet and rolled them in the most decent bacon I could find here and thin slices of Gouda cheese. For a first effort at Cordon Bleu I discovered that you CAN be a little over enthusiastic with your pounding (although I admit it was rather therapeutic) and therefore the 4 toothpicks holding one together that I managed to smash complete holes in, wasn’t too bad LOL . Mine took about 50 minutes in my old & temperamental oven but the result was worth waiting for. Tasty meat, not dry and looked nicer on the plate than I’d dared hope for, for my first attempt. The success I have gained though this recipe now means that I have enough courage to not only make this again , but also to re-try some of the breaded recipes I have made in the past. Please see my rating system. A wonderful 4 stars Thanks !

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  1. Pound chicken breasts thin between waxed paper or plastic wrap. (*If one end is really thin, you'll want to roll up starting from that end.)But you want them about 3/8" thick.
  2. Top each breast with 2 slices canadian bacon, don't let it overhand chicken, cut in half and overlap if necessary.
  3. Top each with 2 slices of swiss cheese cut in half. *Same instructions as for canadian bacon.
  4. At thinnest end, roll up tightly, tucking in any meat or cheese. *Fold sides in first if you can, I couldn't with mine and they came out just fine. Secure with toothpicks.
  5. In pie dish combine flour and half each of the seasoned salt, pepper and garlic powder.
  6. In another pie dish or small bowl, beat eggs.
  7. In third pie dish combine bread crumbs, second half of each of the seasoned salt, pepper, garlic powder and all of the parmesan cheese.
  8. Coat each lightly in flour mixture, then beaten egg, then bread crumb mixture. Pat on bread crumbs.
  9. Set on plate for about 10 minutes to dry a little.
  10. Meanwhile, heat oil over medium to medium-low heat.
  11. Brown "good side" first in hot oil for 2 minutes. Turn over carefully with a spatula and tongs if needed.
  12. Brown other side (toothpicked side)2 minutes.
  13. Place on greased rack. Place rack on cookie sheet.
  14. Bake in 350º oven for 40 minutes.
  15. Let rest.
  16. While resting heat gravy over low heat til warmed.
  17. Serve with gravy if desired.

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