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We were excited to try new cookies for Christmas and thought this one would be good, but we were totally disappointed. My son did not like them at all and he likes everything. The cookie was not sweet and tasted a bit sour! The only part we liked on the cookie was the andes chocolate candy.

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Rebecca O. January 14, 2015

I took these to a church bake sale. They were spoken for before the doors opened for the sale! A delight to look at and delicious to eat. I used a cookie scoop to ensure that the cookies were uniform in size and baked them for a minute or two less than the recipe indicates. I also bought good quality Belgium chocolate wafers to melt for the filling. These cookies will be on my must have list every Christmas from now on.

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Shenny A December 08, 2014

Mine didn't look as uniformly pretty as the picture, but they were super tasty. I made green & red cookies, dark and white chocolate, and then used the regular Andes and the peppermint ones. I varied the green/red and dark/white combinations but only put regular candies on green cookies and only peppermint candies on red cookies. <br/><br/>I don't usually make formed cookies, so it took me a little bit to figure out how to get them to not spread out too much (such as don't use the silpat mat & that last 1/4 cup of flour is necessary even if it might make the cookies crack when reforming the well). <br/><br/>I wanted something dramatic for a cookie sale, something that wouldn't look like "I could make that." They all sold (6 dozen)! So, I guess the lack of "prettiness" didn't affect their appearance too much.

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El Bee December 08, 2013

It takes a little work, but the work is SO worth it! Cookie isn't too sweet on its own (less guilt!) and makes a great cookie without the chocolate. But WITH the chocolate, its a real delight!! I didn't think that the Andes Mint on top really added that much taste wise, but its a classy visual IF you can cut the mints successfully! (Use a very thin, very sharp knife for the task and count on some scrap). Watch the cooking time, 12 minutes was too much in my oven. They are deceptive, hard to tell when they are really done. I'll leave it at 10 minutes next time. And there will be a next time!

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freshaire1 January 18, 2013

I found this exact same recipe on the Betty Crocker website. I made 25 dozen of these for a cookie exchange this year. The cookies were a huge hit. I will be adding this to my recipe box for future use!

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adkumata December 17, 2011

I made these cookies for St. Patricks Day and they turned out delightfully festive! They have a dry, crumbly texture (I mean this in the best way!) similar to a shortbread cookie. They aren't overly sweet and the dark chocolate makes a nice contrast with the cookie. The Andes Mints were a great addition! Made these for Spring 2011 PAC.

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Julie F March 22, 2011
Kelly's Amazing Andes Mint Thumbprint Cookies