Kellogg's Corn Flakes Mini Muffin Sandwiches

Total Time
Prep 35 mins
Cook 13 mins

Layer savory and sweet fillings into mini muffins made with Kellogg's Corn Flake Cereal. Box of Kellogg's.

Ingredients Nutrition


  1. In a medium bowl combine 2 cups KELLOGG'S CORN FLAKES cereal, milk, and dates or raisins; let stand 5 minutes.
  2. Meanwhile, in another medium bowl combine flour, sugar, baking powder, and salt; set aside.
  3. Add eggs, applesauce, oil, and vanilla to cereal mixture;.beat well.
  4. Stir in flour mixture just until moistened.
  5. Spoon batter into forty 1 3/4-inch muffin cups greased or coated with cooking spray, filling each 3/4 full; sprinkle tops with finely crushed cereal.
  6. Bake at 400F 8 to 10 minutes or until lightly browned and tops spring back when touched.
  7. Cool muffins in pans on a wire rack 5 minutes.
  8. Remove from pans; cool.
  9. Cut muffins in half; fill with assorted fillings (if desired).
  10. Assorted Fillings:.
  11. • Turkey-Apple: Apple butter, thinly sliced honey-roasted turkey, and thinly sliced apple.
  12. • Choco-Berry: Chocolate hazelnut spread, banana slices, and strawberry slices.
  13. • Curried Chicken: Chicken salad flavored with curry powder, mango chutney, and grapes.