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Apparently I just shouldn't bake in the morning. Not only did I get the All Bran "Buds" instead of the regular cereal (they don't get mushy no matter HOW long you soak them in the milk), I also neglected to use baking powder. So I have 14 hockey pucks that smell terrific. I'll try this again sometime soon. lol

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Melissa and Her Pants May 09, 2008

I made this into a loaf so increased the cooking time a little. I added the banana but couldn't really taste it in the final product. I made this for playgroup morning tea, spread with butter & it was enjoyed by both mum's & kids. Best eaten on the day of baking. A great way to use up some stale cereal & quite healthy too, thanks for posting!

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**Mandy** March 09, 2009

These are SO good. The simple addition of bananas and applesauce really helped the texture and flavor of that basic All-Bran recipe. I have used Bob's Red Mill Whole Wheat Pastry Flour in place of the all-purpose flour with great results. Next time, I might cut out some of the sugar too--I think the fruit puree added a lot of sweetness. BTW, I don't think your recipe said where to add the oat bran but I just added it to the flour mixture. I was able to make a dozen regular muffins and 24 mini muffins from one recipe of batter.

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strphanie March 29, 2008
Kellogg's All-Bran Muffins