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I haven't tried your particular recipe yet but remember many years ago a friend gave me a cup of starter that sounds similar to this. According to her, the starter was from a batch that was many years old and had come a long way. I never checked the validity of this but had no reason to doubt her word. My job with my portion was to "feed" it a cup of flour and a cup of milk (or water--can't remember) every week. As I needed it for biscuits or whatever, I took the amount out I needed. The important thing was never to forget to feed it or it would die. Sadly I don't have the starter now as I must have slipped up years ago! At any rate, it was super and made great biscuits, quick breads, pancakes, etc.

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Bonita Hester May 18, 2002

This is a moist, delicious cake. The hardest part of the recipe is waiting the ten days.

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Steve Moyer November 07, 2003

I had a 'mixture' for over 8 years which made 3 cakes every 10 days - it was a very similar recipe and process. Apples were the suggested fruit but I have used just about every fruit there is - banana, pineapple and apple being the most successful. Over the years I exhausted my friends and contacts who wanted to have a 'share' and used to make the cakes and freeze them. The wonderful thing about this mixture was that you could leave it/forget it/ignore it for days but it would soon come back to life with the addition of milk, flour and sugar. I had to finish with my 'old mixture' when we emigrated to New Zealand but I will be starting another one soon !

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Ann Anderson April 28, 2003

A friend gave me a bag of Amish Friendship Bread that had the starter in it. The recipe was nearly identical to this (except the starter) but it did not include the fruit. It was super tasty and easy to make. After a about 4 repitions I was a little overwhelmed with the amount of bread it made (just me and my 4yr old son). Now with my husband home from Afghanistan I should make it again (and again and again). Thanks! Saeriu

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Saeriu May 06, 2010

I am so glad to have found this recipe again! It is also awesome with stewed apples instead of the pineapple. I have also made it with grated carrot! Excellent as muffins;in a fluted ring pan or as a loaf. So versatile!

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Chef At Sea January 27, 2005
"Keep it Going" German Friendship Cake