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Where do I start?! These were wonderful and fun to make. I really felt like I learned a great new technique I made these. I only needed 6 egges, batter was terrific and I let it sit out while I made the fillings I was going to use (about 30-45 minutes). I goofed on the first one (I was using a cast iron skillet, too heavy for me to work with for these). Once I got the pan right, the crepes came out terrific. I waited for my pan to be good and hot, brushed it quickly with oil, poured in some batter (really thin) then turned the pan around to spread the batter thin. Flipping it was easy as long as you waited until the edges were brown. I used these three ways (1. "Kate's Easy Crepes Suzette", 2. "Delice Lorraine", and 3. Nutella, whipped cream and sliced strawberries) The first two are recipes on Zaar the third is almost assuredly on Zaar, but it was easy enough to not need a recipe. What an outstanding treat for family and guests. Thank you!!!!!!

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elinor_ochoa December 27, 2009

I LOVE crepes...been buying them for years :) I had unexpected dinner guests last Sunday and needed a dessert. No time to run to the bakery so I applied myself and made the crepes. Soooo much better than the ones I had been buying. Turned them into Kates easy Crepe Suzette. SO has been at me all week for more so tonight it's strawberry filled crepes with cream & chocolate sauce. Next week I'll make them savoury. Wonderful recipe. Thanks so much Jamie

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K9 Owned June 13, 2008

Best Crepes Ever!!! Apart from the fact they looked so yummy, they could also be used as pita bread with the use of oil. I made mine sweet, i added sugar, vanilla and butter, and i used canola oil for frying, then ate them with Jam. Perfect texture, perfect consistency, so easy to make and i quartered the recipe to make 5 crepes. This is one recipe i will definately keep and use regularly. Next time i make these savoury, i will try them with a smear of Danish cheese with cucumber or tomato and capsicum, or kebabs, or with an indian curry dinner.. the ideas are endless!! I'm checking out the Crepes! cookbook for more. This recipe needs more ratings!! Everyone needs to try this. THANKS KATE.

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Chef Latte September 29, 2007

Terrific crepes Kate! I cut the recipe in half and got exactly 10 large crepes. I used the oil method as I was making savoury crepes with Chicken Crepes. They were very easy to make, once I made the first trial one I was set to go. They held together really well for rolling and had a great consistency. Don't be worried if the batter looks really thin! I was expecting a thick, pancake-like batter, but this was quite thin, and I was worried they wouldn't turn out. But of course they did, and were perfect! Thanks for a great recipe Kate :)

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~Leslie~ August 30, 2007

These are great crepes! I cooked them with garlic infused olive oil, and used 8 medium eggs. I used them with Chicken Crepes and I only had an 8 inch saucepan. This made more than 20 crepes (about 30). Thanks so much!

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~*Miss Diggy*~ August 28, 2007

Excellent crepes. We had them for supper tonight and they were a big hit. I added 2 tablespoons of sugar to the dough to make them slightjy sweet and used 7 eggs. Thanks for posting!

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Maïté G. June 07, 2007

These turned out great and I got exactly 20 crepes. I used butter instead of oil and used half for a savory chicken and mushroom recipe and the other half with dessert toppings. They worked well with both. If you use a blender make sure yours is big enough for this recipe. Mine is a 6 cup one I think you would need about 8 cups to make this whole recipe in the blender. Also, I didn't know whether to use more or less eggs for my climate (dry), so I went with 7 eggs and it came out fine. This was a decadent meal for Shrove Tuesday! Thanks.

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Cranberry February 21, 2007

I cheated and made the crepe batter up in the blender. This served 2 purposes - made mixing the batter and ensuring it was lump-free a breeze and there was a handy spout so I could just pour my batter directly into my crepe pan. Great instructions. I used this recipe for your own crepes suzettes recipe and not just! Part of dessert while we were watching the World Cup Final match and a big hit with company.

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evelyn/athens July 13, 2006
Kate's Basic Crepes