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After reading another review, I was afraid this may not be so great. SO GLAD I didn't listen to that review!! Yes, the prep time and cook time is longer than specified, but it's so worth the time! These are awesome!! I will definitely make them again and I highly recommend this recipe! Thanks!!

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bredowner February 23, 2010

Bottom line - a great little dumpling. Prep and cooking were simple, but took a little longer than expected - next time (there will be one) I will cook and rice the potatoes a day before, or prepare this recipe on a "cooking for the freezer" day (I did freeze the leftovers - will update on that when we use them). My husband has celiac disease so I substituted a rice based "all purpose" flour so the dumplings would be gluten free, & have potato starch in my gluten free baking closet, so did use that. We also live above 7,000 feet in elevation so I made smaller dumplings - about 1/8 cup - to compensate for the lower boiling temp. Despite the adaptations I needed to make, the dumplings were a winner at dinner!

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WeaverGran October 27, 2011

My English mother learned to make this for my German/Irish father in the 1930s. It had been a family favorite for years before that -- and since then until my mother was unable to cook anymore. I tried it once or twice, but was unsuccessful.

She always served it with sauerbraten (sour roast). Just found a recipe for Crock Pot sauerbraten, so looked for this recipe, which we always called "glace" (spelling?). From what I can remember of her recipe, this looks just like it, except she put in a number of fried bread cubes. Her potato balls were about 4" in diameter.

Brings back great memories. Now I am resolved to learn to make it for the current and next two generations to enjoy, both for the food and for the family history.

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pagirl6 January 14, 2011

instead of a 'crouton' use broccolli' or any multi colors of vegies. For meat eaters we use to use in Thungersheim--good 'ol bacon or ham chunks/ meat or poultry taztse great to --for the bold--try comination of anything for a center fillin of a great origanal true kartofelkloess (ugh a Potatoe Dumplin is not a polite name to give a true Kloesse) U R right --the recipe does bring back delightful memories when we were kids. I love u, Sis, Thank u for all ur mails (esp.easter card) 4 ever ur sis,Hanni

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katrina-sandiego April 21, 2003

I am eager to try these. My neighbor (late) since childhood Mrs Braun introduced me to so many good recipes. Apple pancake, sauerbrauten, cuke salad, spritz cookies, and my FAVORITE potato dumplings. I love these served as dumplings, sliced and fried and cold out of the fridge like eating and apple. This comes so close to the recipe she gave me, I have high hopes. I'm giving this 3 stars for the recipe!

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nina22541 July 06, 2015

THE best dumpling recipe I've seen (and tasted) in years. I used a good rye bread with caraway seeds "fried" with tiny-cut onions for the center croutons. Like the recipe recommends, make sure the water is NEARLY boiling. I've been making potato dumplings for 40 years now. This is one of the best recipes that's come along in a long time. They're hard to make, but this recipe is well put together in it's ingredients and well-written in its instructions. BRAVO!!

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..therese.. April 09, 2015

This was so delicious! We made a sauce and served with chicken breasts stuffed with spinach and feta cheese! I want more!!

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Judi W. March 13, 2015

After reading numerous potato dumpling recipes, I chose this one because it seemed closest to the ones my mother-in-law used to make. I used white potatoes instead of russet but no other changes. I used the corn starch as I did not have potato flour. I make sauerbraten for my husband from time to time but was never brave enough to attempt the dumplings. He and his sister both agreed the dumplings were awesome. Thanks for a new favorite that's easy to prepare.

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Joseybell January 18, 2015

Russet potatoes are not a good choice for this recipe. They are not authentic as the russet wasn't developed until the late 1800's in Idaho. Plus, they are too dry and grainy. I used traditional red potatoes for this recipe and thus, was able to cut way back on the starch and flour. They turned out perfect and were delicious.

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hokuspokus13_12757020 February 27, 2014

Reviews scared me a little, but I went ahead because i needed starch to go with a slow cooked gulasch. I made a half recipe with 3 Asante potatoes( they're verrrry floury)<br/>My mother and sister both described them as "Absolutely fabulous", and I was surprised by how easy they are.<br/>Much lighter on the mouth and stomach than the packet german potato dumplings i've tried in the past, and would also go great with cheese or crispy bacon in the mix.<br/>I honestly don't see the need for the bread cubes in the middle...They roll up fine without them, and i would happily exchange them for another more tasty filling.

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rainfaery April 05, 2013
Kartoffelkloesse (german Potato Dumplings)