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These used to be my favorite when I lived in Finland and they taste even better homemade. The proportion of dough to filling is perfect in this recipe, I had none of either leftover at the end. I used Swedish style porridge rice because that is what is traditionally used, but any short grain white rice works (look in the Hispanic foods section). You do have to be careful to stir often once the milk is added, it has a tendency to scorch (and whole milk tastes best). Brushing with the milk and butter is a must or the crust gets too crisp. My mother-in-law handed down the trick of placing all the pies in a Ziploc bag after they are done baking but while they are still hot and letting them sit for a couple hours. This softens the crust if it comes out too tough which it almost always does for my taste. The egg butter is a must with these, its the traditional way. Leftovers are really good with ham and cheese on top, just pop it in the microwave for 30 seconds and eat with a fork YUM. These disappeared too fast at the midsummer potluck, guess I will have to make more!

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crazyfinnishbears June 25, 2011

My experience is the same as crazy finish bears - no mods. Ate these all over Finland; frozen from the grocery store isn't bad but fresh baked is by far the best. This recipe is just like mama-finn used to make.

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Anonymous February 19, 2015

Here's the thing. This is my first time ever attempting Karelian Pie and this recipe is poorly written for someone who isn't familiar with what the end result should be. There are several errors in the written recipe. 1)Filling: salt is listed as an ingredient but no mention made in the directions of how much to use. 2)Rice: "uncooked rice"? What kind? Brown? White? Any particular type recommended? 3)Direction #14: "stir together the melted butter and HOT MILK.." To find how much melted butter is needed one has to look at the very top of the ingredient list, even though we are mostly through the recipe by this point. And what hot milk? Hot milk is not listed as an ingredient to pair with the melted butter, so how much?? I may try making these again, but with a different recipe that is written properly.

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brushfootbetsy_11474778 February 10, 2015

I am from Karelia, a region in Russia close to Finland, and grew up eating this wonderful pastry (in my place they called it KALITKI). My husband made them for me and we used mashed potatoes for the filling. Thank you so very much for the recipe!

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translatewiz January 10, 2009
Karjalan Piirakka (Karelian Pie) With Egg Butter