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This is a delicious rub. The flavors go together so well. I made it for chicken and it was wonderful. Made for ZWT7 for the Vivacious Violets.

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Lainey6605 May 26, 2011

This reminds me that I need to make more African friends. I'd be happy to make a fake trip and take anybody with me. I'll save you a seat, but for only 24 hours. (Didn't have red pepper flakes and subbed ground red pepper.) Made for ZWT7.

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gailanng May 26, 2011

Great rub! We used this on some grilled chicken and it had great flavor. I was worried it would be dry with all the salt but it was juicy and flavorful! I love that this makes a jar full because I have more of this to use on future endeavors! Thanks for a great rub! *Made for ZWT Africa*

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Mama's Kitchen (Hope) June 28, 2008

The PERFECT rub. It really is a complete balance of flavors, none overpower the other. I quartered the recipe and still have enough for several more steaks (chicken, pork, etc), so beware it makes plenty. For ZWT.

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Vicki in CT June 20, 2008

Tasty on chicken breast. I thought I had course sea salt but turned out I didn't so I had to use regular grain sea salt, I may have reduced the heat to our preference by using less of some spices, like freshly ground black pepper & cayenne pepper powder in place of the crushed red pepper flakes. I used garlic salt instead of onion salt and garlic powder as that is what I had on hand, plus the rest of the ingredients. We like skinless chicken breast so that is what I used rubbing this on an hour & 20 minutes before doing this neat Middle Eastern BBQ trick since I did not have access to a BBQ this time. I also basted with canola oil like the intro allows considering it was skinless (it still was a little dry but that is because of being skinless). The trick, I put 1 tbs butter in a half shell shaped piece of a half an onion and warped aluminum foil around the outside in case the butter would leak when melted. I then put that between the chicken breasts under the broiler, and when the butter was melted I put a burning hot bukoor coal heated on the burner in the butter and quickly closed the oven until it stopped smoking. Then removed it and cooked until done. We had this with Coriander Rice, Tender Carrots With Apricots and an onion raita for a nice meal masha Allah. I'd like to try this on red meat on a BBQ. Made for ALMOST 5 GAME.

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UmmBinat September 09, 2011
Kariokor Nyama Ya Kuchoma (Barbecued Meat Rub, Kenya)