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This recipe will now be one of my regulars for summer grilling. The grilled pineapple is so juicy and it tastes great with the chicken and peppers. I used green and red peppers and added some red onion. The sauce is really good! I used Sweet Baby Ray's along with a tablespoon of Woody's Cook-in Sauce.

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Corn Maiden June 28, 2010

Oh Rita!! This recipe is going into my all time favourites recipe book! The combination of the pineapple and sweet peppers with the sauce was terrific! We really loved the chicken thighs with this too, it is worth the extra work of de-boning and de-skinning to use the thighs...they stayed moist and delicious. Thanks so much for this one Rita!! made for ZWT 3 :)

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~Leslie~ July 06, 2007

Yum. Yum! YUM!! Definitely will be making these again. 8-10 full skewers, easy to assemble, cooked for 8-10 min over high heat on the grill. Also good as stir fry - I used my non-stick grill basket/wok for the rest of the mixture and would probably skip the kebabs next time and use the grill basket for the whole thing. 8-10 mins over high heat, and it's done. Thanks for posting, Rita!

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AB_Fan June 15, 2007

These were so delicious. I made Karen's sauce to try and get the results intended. Wasn't sure if the ginger was fresh or dried and used fresh. Those few small additions to the sauce really transformed it in ajiffy. Loved the combination of sweetness from the peppers and pineapple and the slight spiciness of the BBQ sauce. Thinking some red onions would also work well here. Based on the comments of the previous reviewer, I did make extra sauce and it made a great condiment for spooning and dipping. Thanks Rita.

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justcallmetoni December 13, 2006

I made these the other night for my sister and BIL. The sauce was supremo and the grilled chickens, peppers and pineapples are a combination that works well. I did serve it over rice, and the one thing I would change if I were to make it again would be to increase the sauce so there would be some left over to spoon over the kebabs on rice. If you don't want extra sauce, though, the amount is perfect. Thanks also to Rita for introducing me to karen's Barbecue Sauce, which is spicy and flavorful. Adding soy sauce and ginger for this recipe provided an interesting and unique accent.

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echo echo September 15, 2006
Karen's Sauced Kebabs