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It is a wonderful recipe i made this last night and me and my hubby enjoyed it . we even didn't feel the bitterness of karela much . before this i only fried karela with potato and onion and now i have this another recipe so thankyou very very much

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farhat hasan June 11, 2009

Mom used to make this all the time when I was a kid and I always hated it! I thought I would make it for myself and my husband. It's really hard to measure what a pound of Karela is. It would have been more helpful to have stated the number of Karela (large, medium, or small) that were required for the recipe. I purchased 4, and having never bought bitter melon before, I had no idea how to pick them out. I ended up getting 2 that were perfect, and 2 that were very very ripe - the seeds of the ripe ones were bright red and gooey! I ended up scooping the seeds out and usinng the remaining part. Make sure they are hard and not squishy when purchasing. Also, I rubbed salt like suggested and squeezed out as much of the bitterness as possible. It was still bitter, but delicious! And it was even better knowing that I was eating something that is very good for me! Thanks for the recipe.

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Monu October 07, 2006

I hated karelas with a vengeance until I saw this recipe review. Oh my god, this is so good! I made the stuffed version and it went wonderfully well with puneri Dal Puneri Dal (Yellow Lentils Pune-Style) and basmati rice. Thanks!

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rosewater February 22, 2006

This is EXCELLENT! Thanks to you and this recipe I am now beginning to, in the twenty second year of my life, taste bittergourd! Hehe! My mom is so pleased about this. I just had to add 1/2 tsp. of salt more to this dish, other than that, the measurements of all the ingredients were PERFECT! I will have to try the stuffed style some time later, though, I quite recall having made them before and enjoying them as well. Thank YOU so muchfor posting this in response to my reqest. This will be a regular on our table. UPDATE: I have made this so many many times from the day I first tried it and my family loves it so much. Just wanted to say thanks once again to you for posting this:)

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Charishma_Ramchandani June 27, 2004
Karela (Bitter melon or gourd)