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I'm eating this dish as I write this review :) --- THIS RECIPE IS AWESOME. I layer this in my crock pot and from bottom to top add cream of mushroom soup, two sliced potatoes, 1 pkg of mushrooms, cabbage, onion, kraut, caraway seeds, kielbasa slices, browned hot Italian sausage. Food just doesn't get any better than this. And, this freezes pretty good too! Thank you ladyfingers.

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Well_Done February 19, 2012

This is awesome and I strongly agree with the fact that the cream of mushroom soup neutralizes the pickled kraut flavor. It is one of my favorite recipes for fall. We sort of make it as an Octoberfest feast. However, we add about 2 cups of freshly sliced mushrooms along with potatoes and carrots. This does make your home smell like a fine German restaurant. Extreme comfort food, we are having it tonight! A great one-dish meal! Thank you so much!

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cfperaino October 04, 2009

YES! Having opened a large jar of sourkraut to use under the holiday cabbage rolls - your Kapusta was the perfect recipe to see to using the rest. Having made a similar dish over the years but without the caraway seed which I love - and the mushroom soup which I wasn't all too sure about but followed through and added ... loved the combination which made for wonderful comfort food at it's best. Yes another Ladyfinger winning recipe that we enjoyed and have added to my family cookbook. Thank you for sharing.

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Gerry January 26, 2009

Smaczne!! My mother also used to use cream of mushroom soup in her kapusta.. she used to make vats of it for all our Polish parties, and everyone loved it - but yours is way better.. ours never had caraway, but it really, really makes it! The only thing I changed up was to use raw (fresh) Polish sausage instead of smoked, and let it simmer in the kraut all day.. absolutely delicious.. served with buttered rye bread and BEER!!! BEER!!! BEER!!!

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steve in FL October 04, 2008