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This is the first biscuit recipe I've tried where they actually were edible, and they rose! I didn't have cream of tartar, so went without, and used Smart Milk 0% fat milk, and they were excellent - very light, fluffy, and very good taste. I wasn't sure what size cutter to use, so I used a 2" diameter one, and ended up with about a dozen biscuits. Kept everything as cold as possible, and beat the eggs and milk together until well-blended. Delicious - thanks, Podapo!

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Lizzie-Babette January 25, 2003

I hate you Podapo. You've made my life a misery. I made these once last week for my family and now I have to make them all the time. I made a bunch extra and froze them in the cut out stage, only to have them discovered and offered up to my husband's fellow Marines, so my butt was up at zero dark thirty baking biscuits AGAIN! I will die an old woman with stiff stubs for fingers from making these delicious, wonderful biscuits over and over and over.....

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Bogey'sMom September 09, 2005

This is the fourth time that I have made these biscuits. I had to tell you that this is a 5-star recipe. Every time I have made them, they have been sucessful,they rise so high and taste so moist (usually biscuits tend to be on the dry side). This time around I made them with 1 cup of shredded cheddar cheese and 1 tsp. garlic powder, I even made them with blueberries, and added a bit more sugar. Thanks for a wonderful recipe, this is for sure a keeper.

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Kittencal@recipezazz August 04, 2003

Melt-in-your-mouth wonderful! I used another reviewer's tip to roll out and cut into squares to save time. I might have had the dough to thin, so will be more careful next time. They were still so light and tender with a slightly crispy outside. I served them with meatloaf, but they would be super with beef stew to soak up the juices. So easy and so good! Thanks!

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DuChick November 28, 2011

My DD and all the DGC were here visiting. We were feeding 12 for dinner. Our oldest DGD mixed a triple batch of the recipe. Everyone was hungry so we just made squares and rectangles and didn't mess with cutting the traditional circles. They were gorgeous, moist, huge, and delicious! Thanks for a wonderful recipe. I'm usually not that fond of biscuits because they are often too dry. NOT these! Wonderful...even better than the canned ones in the grocery!!!

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CarrolJ July 09, 2009

Absolutely delicious!! These biscuits are very similar to the ones I have been making for years, except my recipe does not include an egg. I made a double batch of these last night, and they came out very light & fluffy - I think the addition of egg helped them rise even more. However, I would caution anyone who makes these to not add all of the milk at once, as the dough had extra moisture from the egg ... I ended up adding another cup to cup-&-a-half of flour to absorb the extra liquid. These are delicious, podapo -- I think I like this recipe even better than mine ~ thanks for posting! -M =)

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Mary Scheffert February 08, 2007

This is the recipe I make from the Better Homes and Garden Cookbook. I was on just looking for the calorie count as my son's says they are so good they must be 500 calories in one.<br/><br/>These make nice scones, too. Make up like the recipe says then add raisins, currents, craisins, dried cherries or chocolate chips. I usually use a teaspoon or two of caraway seeds to plain or currant scones. Separate dough into 2 or three pieces and pat out in a circle. Use a sharp knife and cut the circle like you would a pie and place on a cookie sheet. You can brush the tops with a little milk and sprinkle on some sugar and bake. You can use a teaspoon or two of orange peel in the dough with craisins and frost with a little powdered sugar frosting with a few drops of orange extract.<br/><br/>Best recipe for biscuits!

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Lulu8 August 11, 2013

Awesome light and flaky biscuits. A little too sweet to serve with a savory sauce (I made chicken a la king). But now that I know that, that's no problem at all.

I had a bit of time between when I mixed up the biscuits and when I needed them cooked, so I stuck the dough in the fridge - which I think made it easier to handle.

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Onambarwen January 24, 2012

Very good biscuits. I followed the recipe as written and it all turned out very well. Served them this time with North African Cauliflower Soup (North African Cauliflower Soup) and will certainly make them again to serve with soup or on their own with jam or cheese. Thanks, podapo, for posting this.

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MA Blossom December 29, 2009

These are great biscuits. I, too, ended up adding quite a bit more flour before and during the kneading and cutting. I didn't find these to be dry at all, and they are perfect with the sausage gravy I made. These produced layer after layer of buttery goodness. Mine baked in about 16 minutes, but I'm sure our oven runs a little cool. I also used butter instead of shortening. I make biscuits from scratch very rarely, but with a recipe this good I might just have to a little more often!

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Christineyy! November 29, 2008
Kansas Gal Biscuits