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These are amazing! I made them for a late night supper for myself. They were so easy! Since I cannot eat gluten, I used brown rice flour instead of wheat. I was worried that the mixture was too thin after adding the oil and water so I added a sprinkling of guar gum and it thickened nicely. They fried up just fine. They were flavored deliciously, nice and crunchy as the texture, but rather nicely soft on the inside. I used a rather small jalapeno pepper, and I would have loved it to be a bit hotter. Next time I will try leaving in the seeds and membrane and see how it turns out. I would imagine these tasting delicious with a homemade yogurt sauce. I may experiment with that. My whole family tried some and they couldn't stay out of them! I ate them with fresh baby spinach and hot green tea. Your story is very touching and with reading it I enjoy making and eating these even more. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe, I really love it. :)

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Everlasting_Grey May 14, 2010

I tried this tonight for dinner. I used a chopper for the onion and since it oozed a little water, mixing it with the dough and adding a little more wheat flour helped. Thank u very much for sharing this recipe.

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Swagatahb August 04, 2011

I agree, these are amazing. Better than the ones we had at our favorite Indian restaurant. I only made half a recipe but they are soooo good. I may try cooking them on our KJ with the pizza stone next time. We will be having these many times in the future. This time I served them with Chicken and Mango Curry.

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adopt a greyhound August 30, 2011
Kandhe Ki Roti - Mummy's Favourite Onion Paratha