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I was surprised at how easy this recipe was considering some of the other Vij recipes are very time consuming. I had a change tomatoes to canned ones as our fresh were terrible. I replaced both the tomatoes & the tomato paste with crushed tomatoes. Because of this, I omitted the salt. I used chicken breasts in this recipe, but the Vij recipe actually calls for chicken thighs, which is what I will use next time, the breasts didn't seem to cook as nicely in the sauce. Thanks for posting this, it saves us 2 ferry rides & 6 hours of travel time, I can now make my own Kalonji chicken at home. note: Kalonji spice is also called "nigella" or onion seed. I had a hard time finding it until I looked in the stores for onion seed.

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Gumboot Gourmet June 13, 2010

This was good, but no where near the same as that which you get when you visit the restaurant. I had to adjust the seasonings (added more garam masala and turmeric). I will make it again, being aware of the differences from the restaurant version.

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LindaBaz June 15, 2012
Kalonji Chicken - Vij's