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Wonderful recipe! I've been making piroshki for years, but was usually lazy and used frozen dough. Now that I live in a country where frozen dough is not available, I had to find a recipe to make it from scratch, and this one was excellent! I agree with the other review that the dough was not difficult to prepare at all, and I also agree that adding a bit of butter at the end would not hurt, as the dough was a tiny bit dry. But overall, they had a great, soft texture, the dough was perfect to work with and they came out of the oven very smooth, round and uniform (unlike the lumpy, misshapen ones I used to make using frozen dough). Highly recommended!

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Keremok October 11, 2012

This is delicious, and less difficult to prepare than I imagined. As my mother always rolls piroshky in butter as they come out of the oven, I add this to the recipe (but I definitely would not if I were deep-frying them, which is how I like them better, but not something I do at home.)

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j-jitterbug March 15, 2012
Kaleenka Piroshky