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This is the best... I like it much better than the White Almond Sour Cream that everyone is touting for wedding cakes. The whole eggs give the cake moistness... using just the egg whites, as in the "knock-off recipe", makes the cake, in my opinion, very dry. Try making both and you will see that this one stands far above the other. I use this for all of the wedding cakes I made (professional caterer). I used the other one and got some good reviews, but when I changed to this one... WOW!... I really got rave reviews! This one is truly the best! By the way... make sure you SIFT the cake mix before you add everything else to it. Makes a huge difference in texture.

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Lutie July 02, 2008

This is the real thing! Accept no imitation!! Wedding cake, birthday cake, Thursday night having the neighbors over for dinner cake. It is just THAT good and it is just THAT easy!! I have used this cake for a wedding cakes, perfect texture and crumb. I have never had a dissatisfied bride with this recipe. My one variation is that I increase the eggs to 4. Also do not try to use the "fat free" sour cream. That would seem to be a no brainer since sour cream replaces any oil in this recipe, but one of my friends tried it when I shared this recipe with her.

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Kit_Kat July 20, 2012

I use this recipe all the time I got it from cake central...It is the best white cake mix and there are so many options for spicing it. I will never buy a cake again with this recipe on hand.

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Szakacs May 09, 2009

I think that this recipe is good for a quick, tasty, moist cake. This was quick to throw together and has a nice consistancey to hold up to frosting (even when slightly warm still). It is not as involved (read: fewer ingredients) than the other White Almond Sour Cream Cake recipe on here (#69630), but it is definitely second place.

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leithead December 30, 2008

I made my own wedding cake and grooms cake. I made the wedding cake using the white cake recipe and used a german chocolate cake mix for the groom's cake using this recipe. They were both so delicious! Everyone kept commenting on how good the cakes tasted. They were very moist and had a great flavor to them. I will only use this recipe anytime I make a cake with a cake mix.

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cindylawler1962 November 13, 2015

OH YEA I FORGOT! To tell you the other things I did and took out......I used regular yellow BC mix, cut back to 6 whole eggs and took out the Almond extract and replaced it with butter flavor and the 1 cup of milk for the Hazelnut creamer that I told you in the last post! I was so excited I forgot to write the all this other stuff! lol Can you tell I'm new! lol

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Valic0729@yhoo.com February 11, 2011
Kakeladi's Original Wasc (White Almond Sour Cream) Cake