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This is a good basis for trying other flavors. I used a peanut butter cookie mix, what I had on hand. I don't like coffee so eliminated that. Instead of Kahlua, I used Frangelico (hazelnut flavored) and coarsely chopped hazelnuts. Very good, I shared with friends and hid some in the freezer. Thanks for posting.

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Mean Mary September 03, 2010

My friend used to make these for parties, and I loved them so much, I demanded the recipe, which I only now see has been on this site for years! This recipe is SO simple and delicious. I'll agree that depending on what kind of instant coffee/espresso you use, the coffee flavor can be very strong, but it's just a matter of tweaking that ingredient to your own tastes to make them out of this world!

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Jupiter1300 August 31, 2010

My husband and I both love chocolate and coffee but, I'm sorry, the coffee flavor and texture was too strong for us. I halved the 1 T. regular grind coffee, thinking it sounded too strong, and it was still too much of a raw coffee flavor. I'm sorry Kree, I wanted to like this but it was too heavy on the coffee.

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Hey Jude October 26, 2003
Kahlua Chocolate Chunk Cookies