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Very good. However I must agree with another reviewer that the taste of Kahlua was very, very far away. Will try again with some coffee powder, hopefully the taste will be enhanced.
Got 68 cookies and they baked for 9 minutes.They were crispy, chewy, good taste, very pleased I made them.
Thanks for posting.

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Chef Dudo September 23, 2010

delicious - but I couldn't taste the kahlua in the cookie dough. Maybe put some expresso powder in as well.

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MA HIKER June 30, 2010

These were really marvelous and a nice change from a traditional toll house cookie. The shortening gives these a lovely crispy exterior with a chewy inside. In the debate over butter or shortening, the canned stuff will win you over here. I used pecans and a very luxurious ultra dark chocolate bar chopped into bits. The later decision stems from a fondness for uneven bit of chocolate so that each bite is a surprise. Also, the Kahlua in the dough seemed to command a richer chocolate. Since I was looking to do some variations, I split my dough in two. To the second half, I added a few additional tablespoons of Kahlua and about 1/3 to 1/2 cup Dutch processed cocoa. Instead of the dark chips I added white and milk chocolate chips to contrast with the dough. Both were divine and will make a wonderful gift.

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justcallmetoni September 29, 2007

Divino!! These are dangerously good cookies! Even the kids loved them. The coffee flavor really enhances the chocolate. Thanks for a great recipe Chef~Vseward!!

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Acerast June 24, 2007
Kahlua-Chocolate Chip Cookies