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I doubled the recipe- it made 4 1-L bottles. I am giving them as Christmas presents. I tried the mixture when I first made it and I thought it was okay, but I tried it again last night (after letting it steep 1 month) and it is EXCELLENT. I brought one to work for a close co-worker and she sampled it, and said it was delicious. Everyone at the office is asking for the recipe! I would recommend this recipe and will DEFINITELY make this again soon. I can't wait to see what the other people will think of their gifts. The hardest part was finding a good bottle. I went to Target and found this cool, resealable lemonade bottle and used that. I used clear bottles and kept them in my closet- dark and cold. I shook them up about every other day. It turned out GREAT. Thank you!!!

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she_isnt December 21, 2007

I made this 2 weeks ago and had put it into a dark apple cider bottle to sit for the required time. When I first made this I thought it was GREAT.(it did not all fit into the bottle so I had to "taste" whatever was left for the next day or so.(LOL. I decided to give it a try before writing this review, and I must admit that it tasted better 2 weeks ago. I am still giving it 5 stars because when it was first made it was probably better than anything you could buy in the store...I would recommend using this right away, or don't feel as though you need to let it sit before giving as a gift....It would actually make a GREAT last minute gift....I hope this helps those last minute gift givers or those with unexpected company

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Princess Flowerbreath December 05, 2006

This turned out great. I bottled mine on Nov 22nd so that it would be ready for our Christmas baskets. We put a label on the bottle "Christmas Eve Kahlua". It did make exactly 8 cups. I bottled it in clear 8 oz bottles, I could not find dark bottles in my area. I stored it on a shelf in the garage and shook it every day or so as it got cloudy on the bottom if I didn't. We opened one last night to try it before giving them as gifts and it tastes just like the original. Great recipe, thanks!!

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Pvt Amys Mom December 17, 2004

I have just finished making and labelling my first batch. I also had a taste test. YUM. I didnt have a vanilla bean so I added essence. I also waited for the sugar solution to cool before adding the vodka. This will now be a regular for birthday/christmas pressies.

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carly75 December 05, 2003