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Wow!-- I had this dish at an Afghani restaurant a long time ago and was looking to recreate it for my fiancé. I was not able to fit 2 lb of butternut squash in a single skillet, so I was only able to make enough for 2 people at once. I used tomato sauce, not paste, and much less oil (olive) than the recipe calls for.

But note: the tomato sauce does not reduce at all when covered for the full cooking time; after the 25 minutes were up I had to uncover it and turn up the heat to get it to thicken to a nice sauce. I took UmmBinat's suggestion (thank you!) and served with rice fluffed with golden raisins and almonds-- which was perfect, because the squash on its own, even with the yogurt sauce, was *very* rich.

A delicious dish-- wish I had had some naan as well!

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NeverTooMuchGarlic October 08, 2010

Very delicious masha Allah (Praise be to God). DH and I both enjoy this. I have used acorn squash which was good but my, sweet pumpkin was the best! I use canola oil in replacement of corn oil to be corn free, sea salt, brown sugar, tomato paste as I think that is what is meant and it works well. I have used ground ginger each time and the rest as stated. I do increase the amount of yogurt sauce as I like to serve this dish on top of buttered Basmati rice with almond slivers fried in butter and a few raisins mixed into the rice. I then serve the sauce on the side to add to our portions as wished. I will make this again for sure.

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UmmBinat September 29, 2010
Kadu Bouranee