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As written, this recipe has a few problems, but with some adjustments it was very good. Similar to the other reviewer, I felt that the recipe called for too much onion. I also thought that the spice amounts were way too large (and I don't typically say that...I usually add extra spices). I used one onion when I prepared this, and I used a teaspoon each of the four spices, rather than a tablespoon each. Next time I would probably reduce even further, especially the clove, as my tongue was tingling from all the spice. I wonder if maybe the recipe calls for 2 1/2 cups uncooked rice (5 cups cooked), as this would make more sense with the spice and onion amounts. Regardless, I enjoyed the finished product and would make this again with the adjustments I mentioned above. I would probably add a green veggie to it, too (maybe peas) to make the rice more colorful. Thanks for sharing!

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Aunt Cookie October 26, 2010

I changed this a lot to suite our preferences and cooking style plus what I was serving it with and it was 5 stars that way but did not try it the original way but am writing this review as what I made was very good. I used yellow raisins, butter, not margarine to be healthier!! Less onion as it seemed a lot. No jalapeño as we don't enjoy heat, white Basmati rice I cooked in extremely a lot less cinnamon as well as cumin I left out the clove per preference and the cardamom because it was already in Emirati Style Yellow Chicken Stock which I cooked my rice in. I cooked the onion and then added the grated carrots and raisins to steam with them at the end. I would say the original recipe needs sea salt which I use in my stock to taste. I toasted the pine nuts then basically followed the rest. Served it with Mom's Grilled Chicken (Aka Chicken Delicious), Balkan (thick) yogurt plus a fresh salad. I would make it how I did again.

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UmmBinat July 07, 2010
Kabul Party Rice