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I hate to see any recipe get a one star vote unless it's so bad, I wouldn't give it to my neighbor's dog. Your technique for a wet smoker is just right in my opinion. The results with your choice of seasonings are probably too bland for my taste too although I don't care for a lot of salt. My choice is to brine chicken quarters for a few hours, rinse and dry them and then apply a rub. (I have found good recipes for both brine and rubs at Zaar.) Adding juice to the water in the pan adds a little flavor too. Although my smoker is gas fired, your directions work fine. I have found that if I see a whispy stream of smoke (not a solid column) rising from the smoker at a temperature of about 250° F, I'll have smoked chicken in about 3 hours. Great job on technique!

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Grease July 14, 2007

I agree, not much for flavor here, basically garlic & pepper with some seasoned salt...boring. It really needed more lively flavoring like with paprika, onion pawder, brown sugar, ect. Dump the seasoned salt & add the others and get a better flavor. KISS isn't necessarily simple, I say Keep It Succulent & Savory.

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B.A. L. March 03, 2007
K I S S Smoked Chicken