Juustoa - Finnish " Squeaky" Cheese

Total Time
1hr 40mins
Prep 10 mins
Cook 1 hr 30 mins

Finnish Squeaky Cheese - when eaten warmed, it squeaks. A favorite in the northern UP/Mich area - and among the Finns. My dad often, would take a cube and drop it in his coffee to heat the cheese. It's very mild.

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  1. Heat milk to 90°F and add sugar, cornstarch, salt and rennet.
  2. Stir, and remove from heat.
  3. Let set until gelled.
  4. When set, cut in x's with a spoon until the consistency of cottage cheese.
  5. After cutting, let settle for another 30 minutes until they mat together at the bottom of pot.
  6. Drain off whey.
  7. Place the curd into a 10x12 cake pan and broil until browned.
  8. Remove and cool enough to flip curd over.
  9. Once you flip it over, you may spread with a little butter and lightly salt.
  10. Broil again, until browned.


Most Helpful

This is delicious and tastes just like my grandpa used to make. I usually buy this in the store, because I thought it would be hard to make, but it was SO EASY. I looked last week and they were selling Juusota for $10.49/lb!!!! I definitely saved money making it myself. I used a cloth baby diaper to strain the curd from the whey, I tried cheese cloth, but the curd kept getting stuck. I could only find rennet in tablet form, so I used 1½ tablets. The recipe didn't state which type of milk, so I used whole milk and also added a can of evaporated milk.

Scibba December 04, 2010

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