Justin Wilson's Gumbo

READY IN: 3hrs 15mins
Recipe by petlover

I stumbled upon a video of his tv show. "You know why de shicken cross de road, haaah? Really, to run away from dem Cajuns, I tell you dat right now, cause Cajun will eat mos' any-ting, an dey love to cook shicken." Cooking time is approximate since he says to "cook it a long time"...Id say 2 hours or more

Top Review by TheLuntz

5 stars!
Only substitution was in the wine (got something apparently similar to Sauternes).
Not only did the bongo come out incredibly tasty, it also more closely resembled the gumbo's I've had in Nola more than any of the recipes I've tried from the food network folks (nothing against them, and those DID come out tasty, JW's took me back there).

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  1. "Firs', you gotta make-a-roux, you know dat".
  2. In a cast iron dutch oven, combine oil and flour on MED heat. Stir the mixture constantly and slowly until it browns.
  3. "You cook dat til you tink, dat's gonna burn, but dat's not what it did, see y'gots to cook dat til it's like Dutch chocolate, y'see?".
  4. When the roux reaches it's proper, aforementioned color, you add the onion. Once that onion has cooked clear looking, add your garlic, and whisk in 4 cups of water.
  5. Next you stir in the worcestershire and hot sauce, and add your andouille sausage.
  6. Now it's time to add your chicken. "I put the pieces I like most of all, which is all the shicken, and the part what go over de fence last, I like dat.".
  7. Add your 4 cups of Sauterne wine, and 2.5 teaspoons of salt. Stir all this together and your gumbo is completed,.
  8. except for the cooking.
  9. " What you did with dis, now you cook dis today, an don' serve it today, no. You put it in you icebox tonight, an tomorrow, bring it to a boil an let it simmer for about an hour, an den eat dat, cause it taste more batter den, hoooo, it always does.".
  10. Whether you can wait until the next day or not, cook it a long time until the chicken is ready to fall off the bone.
  11. Serve it with hot cooked rice and offer �le powder to you guests.

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