Just Like Tony Packos Cabbage Rolls-Crock Pot - Copycat

Total Time
6hrs 35mins
Prep 35 mins
Cook 6 hrs

These are very good and taste very much like the original from the famous Tony Packos that we all heard about on the TV show Mash all the time.

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  1. Cook cabbage leaves until about half cooked.
  2. While cabbage is cooking in a large bowl combine eggs, 1/2 cup onion, garlic, 1 t salt, 1 t paprika and 1/2 t pepper.
  3. Mix meat and rice.
  4. Mix meat mixture with with egg mixture.
  5. Fill cabbage leaves and fold edges.
  6. Place in crock pot with seams down.
  7. Chop remaining cabbage.
  8. Combine chopped cabbage, sauerkraut, tomatoes in juice, tomato soup, sugar and remaining onion, salt, paprika, and pepper.
  9. Pour over cabbage rolls.
  10. Cook on low for 6-8 hours depending on how fast your crock pot cooks.


Most Helpful

Excellent job, Ruth! My wife prepared this for my sister (our family is Slovak, so we know our cabbage rolls), and it was excellent! Used a 5-qt crock pot, and one or two comments...first, you have the canned tomatoes mentioned twice...one 16 oz can w/juice should work fine. We actually used a 24 oz can, and the juice was too much, we had to ladle a little bit off. And, we felt the tomatos were a bit too acidic to taste, so we doubled the sugar. Fantastic! Overall, and excellent recipe! Thank you!

Kachup May 17, 2003

This IS my new recipe for cabbage rolls. The dish is outstanding and has tons of flavor - most recipes are quite bland. My husband doesn't really care for them (I love them)but this recipe he really enjoyed. After reading the other reviews I just used one 16oz can of tomatoes, undrained, cooked it for 6 hours and it turned out fine. If someone wanted to make it really easy I would consider not even wrapping the meatballs, just put some of the cabbage on the bottom, layer the meat balls next and then the sauce mixture. Now they wouldn't exactly be "rolls" but for ease that step could be skipped. Thanks for sharing - we had a great meal tonight!

DDW August 07, 2003

This was excellent! The sauerkraut made all the difference. The tomatoes I used didn't have much juice so I added 4 small cans of V-8. I didn't care for the sausage and I think I'll use just hamburger the next time. Thanks so much for this recipe. I really think it is my new favorite!

Shermm May 31, 2003

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