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I was nervous when I used a lot more flour than the recipe called for but when my Mom (whose bread is repeatedly asked for at dinners) asked me "these were store bought, right?" I knew I'd done good. She went on to say "are you kidding me, yeast breads don't usually rise this much in the cold weather" My little trick: When letting bread rise during the winter, I heat my oven to 200 and then turn it off, letting the covered bread rest in the warmed oven. This method has never failed me. YUM

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PrincessPage December 23, 2009

I wish my rolls looked like the ones in the photo. Honestly, I was pretty disappointed....wasted good ingredients. My issue was while the rolls were pretty light...they HAD NO FLAVOR AT ALL! I followed the recipe to the letter expecting a great roll. I am glad I did a test batch before I made a batch for a church pot luck. I can only recall one other time in the last year when I've had such a tastless roll. What a waste!! Look for another recipe because this is not the one!!!!

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TByrdAtl February 05, 2013

I subbed white whole wheat flour for the AP. I also had the website reconfigure the ingredients to make 18 rather than 12 rolls. That was a mistake. These are huge! I could easily have made 18 normal sized rolls from the original recipe. I used roughly 90g of dough per roll. Next time, I'd probably go somewhere between 50-60. I also baked them side by side on a parchment lined cookie sheet rather than in a muffin pan and put an egg wash on top.

I never measure flour by volume, always by weight. My converted recipe called for 6c of flour, which is 240g. It was nowhere near enough. I added at least 1.5 cups while my Kitchenaid was mixing this and I was still adding when I did a little bit of hand kneading at the end.

The verdict: Texturally, these were great. I was (apparently unnecessarily) worried about all of the extra flour. Flavor-wise, they need a little something more. I think next time I make these, I'll try buttermilk instead. It would have helped if I had remembered salted butter for the table too. I haven't been to Lambert's in at least 5 years but I'm willing to say these are comparable to their rolls. Even people who know I'm serious about cooking were asking me where I bought them. :) This one is definitely a keeper.

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STLCookingMama November 22, 2012

Yep... these are amazing! I typically make my rolls with whole wheat flour, which I also did in this case... and they turned out decent. I figured that the 52 positive reviews were likely on account of the white flour - and sure enough, once prepared accurately they were to-die-for! Do not forego the white flour on this recipe! :)

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Peachie Keene December 01, 2009

Okay, we ate at Lambert's the day before Thanksgiving, so then I tried this recipe on Thanksgiving while the Lambert's experience was fresh in my head. This recipe is so close - SO close - but not exact. The Lambert's rolls have more of a stretch to them, like a wispy, cotton candy texture. Maybe I kneaded in too much flour, or maybe they didn't rise enough (though they were plenty large and fluffy). The flavor is fine, but I also took my rolls out with five more minutes of baking time, brushed them with melted butter, and baked them for five more minutes. So buttery! Then we spread more butter on them. We love butter. Next time I may try buttermilk instead of plain milk. I'm going to keep playing with the recipe, but this is really very good as is.

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Kim B. November 27, 2015

Did just as stated. Came out perfect. Great flavor and awesome texture. Keeper for sure

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blacksky_ms January 27, 2013

Seriously the BEST homemade rolls!! They do taste just like Lambert's "throwed" rolls. My entire family devoured these babies! They were so easy to make. These will definitely be a new family tradition. And my kids love to "throw" them before they eat them :-)

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CupcakeCutie24 June 21, 2012

good, but not worth the work. And we had one that sat uneaten for a week too so they're not craveable enough for us.

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Bake Em N Take Em August 02, 2011

I made these today exactly as written except I used my bread machine to make the dough. I didnt think they were as sweet as I would have like them, I will adjust the sugar next time. Also watch them close when baking as I didnt bake them as long as was called for and almost burnt them(I only baked for 15 min and probably should have checked them around 10 min) I will try tio let them rise in the pan more next time as they werent as big as Lamberts rolls, that was my fault for sure, but live and learn. right? Thanks KC for a great recipe......

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dwill143 April 02, 2011

My family and I have ate at Lamberts a few times and the food was delicious.

I made these rolls and while they were beautiful just like the pictures however, they didn't have much of a taste. Very bland. They need more salt and a little more sugar.

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justascrapin January 08, 2011
Just Like Lambert's "throwed" Rolls - Copycat