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Prep 5 mins
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I like to make a batch of this and keep it in the freezer, using as needed. Trader Joe's sells a bag of almond meal and I stole the catchy name: Just Almond Meal. (I've also made hazelnut meal with this recipe and I call it: Just Hazelnut Meal.) Use for baking, breading, etc. Text from Note: in order to post this recipe, the site requires two or more ingredients. Do not add the water to the almonds. Silly, I know.

Ingredients Nutrition

  • 1 cup whole unblanched almond
  • 116 teaspoon water (*do not* add the water to the almonds!)


  1. Place half of the whole, unblanched almonds in a clean electric coffee bean grinder.
  2. Place the lid on the coffee bean grinder and pulse several times until a medium-fine textured meal forms. Don't over-grind or you will make almond butter!
  3. Put ground almond meal in a clean flour sifter. Sift almond meal. Place any large particles of almonds back in coffee bean grinder and pulse again. Sift remaining almond meal.
  4. Repeat with the other half.
  5. Tips: It is important to refrigerate (or wrap, label-including the date and freeze) any unused almond meal because it can become rancid after being ground and exposed to oxygen and light.
  6. Store-bought almond meal is frequently made with blanched almonds- almonds that have had the skins removed. To maintain the valuable nutrition, use almonds with their skins on because the skin contains healthy antioxidants.
  7. Use any nut to make fresh, delicious nut meals using this simple technique.
Most Helpful

Great method for getting almond meal. It's both less expensive and fresher tasting. I often use almond meal for baking cookies and some cakes. Using the sieve gives it a nice even texture. Thank you for sharing, CG.

Dreamer in Ontario April 29, 2011

perfect method for creating almond meal/flour. So far, I've used some as a sub for part of the flour in shortbread and as an addition to muffins with apricots and almonds. Thanks, CG!

Chef Kate February 21, 2011