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Such an easy recipe the most work is in the cutting of vegetables!! I made individual ones in ramekins and I also added a little more onion, and a potato also had a bit of a mishap with the wine (slipped from my hand, too much went in and that actually is the truth, it did slip!!!) But after all that they turned out fantastic!!!!! I loved them DH wanted less vegies DD wanted more vegies and DS just scoffed his down and stuck up his thumb in approval and said "just right". What can I say I live with the 3 bears....lol I would love to try this recipe with asparagus in it.... but I am the only one that likes it, but when I make them again might just pop some into mine!!!! Great recipe puppitypup, this is a keeper for me!!

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Tisme April 14, 2008

it was perfect but i did add just a little more onion.

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jimemc007 September 29, 2007

If it were in my power to give you more than five stars for this awesome pot pie I would do so without having to think twice about it. I have never found one I could be happy with until now. I did use the roll-out pie crust found in the supermarket but made my own stock so did need the added salt & pepper. But the gravy! That awesome cross between a white sauce and gravy! Had exactly 1 1/2 cups of it that wouldnt fit in the pie so I served it alongside. This is one dish that will be on the table again and again. Thank you for sharing this awesome with us and I hope others try it too. It is so yummy!

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Julie B's Hive May 16, 2007
Julie's Deluxe Chicken Pot Pie