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You are a genius. How can a few simple ingredients be so good? I used swanson chicken broth and added just a little bit of cubed tofu. I really liked the mixed greens-something I wouldn't have ever thought of. I wasn't sick when I made it but I was sick after eating three bowls! I LOVE THIS SOUP!

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Pot Scrubber June 24, 2005

A 10 minute meal that pleases. I used chicken broth, garlic scapes and arugula. I also skipped the pasta and it was still satisfying. Next time I will chop the greens for an easier consumption. Thank you for sharing this healthy, easy and tasty recipe.

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Katanashrp July 31, 2011

Made this with what I had on hand for DH who is home and sickie today. I doubled it using two boxes of low sodium/organic chicken broth and I used 7 cloves of garlic. I used "No Yolk noodles" (half of a 12 oz bag) which I broke up into smaller pieces and about half a bag of fresh spinach which I gave a rough chop. I threw in a teaspoon of Thyme.This is a great soup as is and it also has endless possibilties. I can't wait to try this with the tofu that pot scrubber suggested. Thanks for this healthy keeper!

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Chef RZ Fan December 04, 2007
Julie's Chicken and Greens Soup for Sickies