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I just prepared it, today. The bread turned out great. I don't know if its the climate, but I didn't have to put in the last half of cup of flour for the two loaves. They both rose beautifully and the second rising was huge and fluffy. I have to say, the consistency is quite nice and great for sandwich bread. Thanks for sharing such a simple recipe.

I used my Kitchen Aid with a dough hook. I did notice that I had to intermittently use my hands to kneed just like the recipe called for. It is unusual to add salt later and the butter last. I just went along with it as strange and as unusually elastic and seemingly stiff or rubbery as the dough seemed. So, I was a bit worried.

But, to my amazement, after the first rising as it doubled in size, the dough was relaxed and easy to work with just like other more complicated white bread recipes I've worked with, for example; The Joy of Cooking recipe book, which calls for more sugar or eggs, etc. Because I wanted to use a 5'11" bread pan, I only had one... I wrapped the other half of the bread dough in saran wrap and put it in the freezer temporarily to stop it from rising until I finished baking the first loaf. After I was ready to run errands and do the second loaf, it warmed up to room temp and rose just as good as the first loaf.

I am saving one finished loaf in the freezer, now and the other one we will slice into during dinner, tonight. Thanks for posting the recipe.

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lljames May 24, 2012

OMG, this bread is wonderful! It came out golden, honey-colored, nice, crisp outside crust, and best of all, has great taste! Loved working with this dough. Didn't need to put in additional flour, at all, after I added the butter. The mixer whipped it right back into shape, pretty as you please! Most definitely a keeper! Thanks for sharing, Gay Laudee C.

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Laudee November 02, 2002

I'm clearly in the minority here, but I dislike this recipe. There's something to be said for bread that rises/ferments for longer periods of time - the resulting fermentation and enzyme/bacteria activity produces a deeper flavor, which isn't possible to attain in a quick-rising bread like this one. It was okay, but the flavor was extremely flat. I love Julia Child, but this one's a miss for me.

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campagnes September 03, 2012

I make this all the time. It is awesome and with Julia, you can't lose!

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Penny S. April 09, 2009

I love this bread! I was looking for an easy to prepare recipe and this is it! We no longer buy bread from the store. Just don't forget the salt (I did the first time I made it)

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melkonieczki November 28, 2015

I just made this bread and it looks fantastic. However the taste is bland..but hey look at the ingredients it is just water salt and yeast a little bit of butter...so don't expect amazing taste. I will make it again but might add a little bit of herbs...

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brakesarah November 08, 2015

This is great bread. It is great for sandwiches, garlic bread, and toast. I am making it right now for the second time using Coconut oil instead of butter. I will be doing one loaf in a bread pan and the other as a round loaf. This is easy enough to do with a little one running around also, so that's a big plus.

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Katlin L. October 01, 2015

ok I loved working with this dough. I mixed this all by hand, I wasn't in the mood for my mixer. Anyway, It was a pleasure to work with. I didn't care for the really hard crust. Don't forget to add the salt.

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Tirzah E. April 27, 2015

OMG! Do I ever love this bread. I have attempted to make bread on many occasions over the years. I have NEVER been successful, until I found this recipe. I made the entire thing by hand. Once I've mixed in the second addition of flour, I sent my timer for 8 minutes exactly and knead. Works like a charm each time. It makes for great toast as well as sandwich bread.

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Jojobean January 21, 2015

Great bread recipe! I also used a mixer with a dough hook. Do not be put off by adding the softened butter at the end of the recipe.. Just keep mixing and it will eventually come back together again.<br/>My husband prefers homemade bread to store bought..easy and simple ingredients. Thanks!

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dodieinparksville September 26, 2013
Julia Child's White Bread