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This was the best chicken recipe EVER! My Family loved it! I will be cooking this a lot. Thank you!!!

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valeriewencil May 03, 2010

Never thought to turn my chicken on it's side. Good idea Julia! My chicken did stick a little and when I turned it the skin stayed on the bottom of my pan. I will butter the bottom of my pan next time. I would have given this recipe 5 stars had the vegetables not started to burn. When they kept burning I decided to search the recipe again and found another that said "if vegetables start to burn add 1/2 cup of water to pan". Had I known this it would have been much better. Also, the other recipe had a little variation to it. Not sure which recipe is the correct one as I do not have a Julia child cookbook. But I was happy with the simplicity and flavor of this one. The other mentioned pouring a little lemon over chicken at some point during cooking and also had mentioned herbs. When chicken was done, I scraped out all burned vegetables and decided to go ahead with gravy anyhow. I added a couple dashes of thyme and a squeeze of lemon(similar to what the other recipe said) only because it did not have the proper flavor because of the burned vegetables and also I did not have Shallots. It was incredible! Had the vegetables not burned, the gravy would have been outstanding! Also, the roasting time is confusing. Chicken was very good but could have went a little longer. This is going to be my recipe for roasting chicken from now on. Now that I know better, it will be a 5-star dish next time!

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cleeo2 September 01, 2013

Made this tonight - roasting a chicken for the first time ever (!) and it was delicious. I had a bigger bird at roughly around 5lbs, so I adjusted the time (and had a meat thermometer to help). It takes some tricky effort to maneuver the bird, but it's worth it. My chicken was beautiful, moist & crispy on the outside (on all sides)! My husband remarked, "this is like those rotisserie chickens you buy at the store!" which I thought was the ultimate compliment. I actually didnt try and make the sauce, but I most definitely will the next time. I'm so proud of myself & knocked my hubby's socks off. Woohoo!

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chef amelia bedelia December 26, 2012

I made this dish for my best friend and my husband. It was outstanding, one of the best dishes that's ever come out of my kitchen. The onion sauce pushes it over the top. My best friend called me the next day just to tell me how good it was and that she was still thinking about my chicken. Make this meal!

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sheriboo February 29, 2012
Julia Child's Roast Chicken