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I used a combination of frozen peaches and blueberries, which I simmered in some cognac and agave syrup. I also used three egg whites and one whole egg and agave syrup to lighten the recipe a bit. It turned out very well--a simple recipe with an impressive outcome. I simmered some additional blueberries in cognac and pureed for a warm sauce to serve on top. Got great reviews from my fiance.

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londongavchick November 15, 2010

I loved this recipe! I had some delicious fresh cherries, and I wanted a simple recipe to make something great. This was it! I also added about a cup of blueberries...wonderful! I especially liked that all the ingredients for the batter are things you usually have on hand. I will make this again for sure, and may try it with some other fruits mentioned in the comments here!

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Juggler66 July 14, 2010

this was a wonderful dessert! i used rainer cherries and it turned out to be a sweet and sour dessert. delightful! it had an eggy flavor though, which wasn't bad. thanks for posting this recipe!

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roundthings July 14, 2010

This was a simple and delicious dessert! It was so pure in flavor-how can you go wrong with sugar, eggs, milk and flour, right? Yummy! I will try it with different fruits soon, but it was scrumptious with sour cherries and blueberries! Thanks for sharing the recipe.

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Mom4Life June 25, 2010

This was very, very, very good! I made a couple of changes to fit our lifestyle: 1. Rice Milk for the milk 2. Gluten Free flour combo for the flour 3. Only 1/4 cup of raw cane sugar in the batter and none on the cherries. It was divine and I can't wait to try with whatever fruit is in season. Thanks for posting.

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DancingPanda June 25, 2010

This is very good, and very simple. I have made it with peaches and with cherries. With the peaches, which were very sweet, I skipped the extra sugar altogether. With the cherries, I only added an extra 2 tablespoons over the fruit and didn't pit the cherries. Very easy, very good!

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Chef Rrrita September 20, 2009

Delicious!! This is on page 655 From Volume I of Mastering The Art Of French Cooking and it's great!! There are many variations of it after that. You can do this with different fruits and add liqueur, etc. While I was pitting my cherries and mixing my flan part, I soaked the cherries in a little cognac and sugar to enhance the flavors. It tasted wonderful!!! Since I did that, I might have added a little bit more flour for better presentation of the flan but it still baked up wonderfully keeping it the same! I have yet to get a cherry pitter. I just stuck all of my cherries into the bottom of my stainless steel sink with some clean stopped up water and halved them with my thumb and removed the pits. It didn't take too long and I was watching TV while I did it. Love Julia and any recipe of hers so thanks for posting this one!!!

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Chef*Lee June 25, 2009

This is a wonderful recipe! I had extra dark sweet cherries and I was looking for something easy to make with them. I use a combination of milk and half and half. After adding the cherries to the bottom layer I drizzled some orange extract over the cherries as well. This recipe turned out great and was very easy to put together. I have a small cherry pitter that can do 6 cherries at at time, and this was helpful. My husband and I ate this warm after baking and then chilled the next day. It has a texture similar to custard and thick Swedish pancakes.

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Stephanie A. August 15, 2015

great base recipe. i like it much better with plums or peaches! the cherries just do not do the flan justice and break up the lovely consistency to much. since i've made it serveral times this week... i like doing the sliced plums/peaces in a separate baker only placing them atop the flan the last ten minutes so they do not sink in and destroythe consistency of the flan. tried it with blueberries. a FEW like maybe six in the flan work well. more than that completely destroy the flan...don't do it! i also will try it with cherries baked separately, with sugar and cognac then placed atop after flan is completely cooked. needless to say fresh whipped cream or vanilla ice cream are wonderful with this.... and if you can find a great coconut ice cream (friendly's brand is best) it is amazing with this.

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Lorraine Whosoever August 05, 2015

Most delightful! Leftovers served cold make a nice weekend breakfast as well,

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Karen R. August 05, 2015
Julia Child's Cherry Clafouti