Julgrot(Swedish Rice Pudding)

READY IN: 1hr 10mins
Recipe by Sharon123

This is a rice pudding that is traditionally served at Christmas. A whole almond is put in and when served, whoever gets the almond will be married within the year! A Swedish recipe!

Top Review by heatherhopecs

Amazing recipe! I made this dish for a Swedish Christmas dinner, and my husband liked it so much, he requested it for his birthday dessert. The dish is so easy to make and requires a minimum amount of ingredients and prep. The first time I made it, I followed the recipe exactly as written. The second time, I used 2 cups half and half and 2 cups of skim milk and threw in a few allspice pods -- I actually preferred the result this way a little better... the dish was not as heavy. I liked mine topped w/ butter and agave syrup. And a tip for serving the pudding -- it's best served right when it's done... if you wait, it congeals and loses its nice smooth creaminess. Still tastes good, just doesn't look as good after it chills. Thanks for this recipe, I will definitely be making this often.

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  1. In a heavy saucepan combine rice, butter and water and salt. Bring to boil and cook covered for 10 minutes, or until water is just absorbed.
  2. Add half-and-half and cinnamon stick to above. Bring to boil, stirring continuously. Let simmer, covered, for about 45 minutes. The half-and-half should be almost absorbed.
  3. The results should be creamy and tender, not mushy. Add the extra butter, and some cream for extra richness.
  4. Before serving, hide the almond in the porridge.
  5. Serve the porridge hot, with warm cream, cinnamon, and sugar. Whoever gets the almond will be married within the year!

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