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These burgers were fantastic - juicy and flavorful! I was surprised, since the burgers themselves are just ground chuck. The coleslaw was great, and an excellent complement to the burgers. There was no amount given for the barbecue sauce, so I just used 1/2 cup to glaze the burgers with, and did not brush any on the buns. The barbecue sauce did not char at all, but did end up as a glaze, which added a lot of flavor. I think the reason the burgers are so tender is because they are just ground chuck, so there is not much handling of it to mix in additional ingredients. Since we are a cheeseburger bunch, I did add a slice of colby-jack cheese at the very end to melt slightly. I then placed the burger cheese-side down on an onion bun, topped it with the coleslaw and, voila!, the burger was complete. I chose to serve pickles on the side. I will definitely make this again! Made for ZWT 8.

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JackieOhNo! September 02, 2012

Excellent burgers! I also put the BBQ sauce on after cooking, to avoid flame ups. The coleslaw was excellent, and we did put it directly on the burgers as stated, it was really terrific! We really enjoyed these burgers. Thanks for posting! Made for ZWT #8 :)

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~Leslie~ September 01, 2012

Yum, burgers! Made as directed except I used the BBQ sauce after the burgers were done (because I hate charred sauces). The slaw is really the star of this show and I would make it again just as a salad. Served with some Mexican seasoned fries and it was a real treat. :D

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Annacia August 25, 2012
Juicy Texas Burgers