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Quick, easy, and a great way to clean out the vegetable drawer! I used a combination of broccoli, celery, onion, green onion, bell pepper and shredded carrot. It came to about 3 cups of veggies total. I left the meat out and used 8 eggs. I added a little grated ginger to the egg mixture and I also added some to the sauce (doubled) along with a tablespoon of oyster sauce and a 1/2 teaspoon of sesame oil. Served with rice. My kids loved it!

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joymorsels March 31, 2009

This was my first time making Egg Foo and it was wonderful. Actually, I've now made it twice. I used fresh bean sprouts and added some cabbage and bok choy. I kept it vegetarian and it was delish! I will add some meat next time. Thanks for sharing! P.S. This makes an EXCELLENT low-carb meal...tasty and satisfying

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Chez Sunfleur May 08, 2008

This recipe truly deserves 5 stars. My family loved it. My 10yo son can't stand to eat eggs, but he loves this recipe, so I'll probably start serving it for breakfast. I might add a bit of oyster sauce and white pepper to the sauce next time, but that's about all I would change. Thanks for posting this recipe, Judy!

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Sheri - Chef to 5 January 05, 2008

Been making this on a regular basis since I found your recipe, sorry haven't reviewed til now. This is wonderful, have made it with shrimp as well. I cut the recipe in half, use fresh sprouts and sliced mushrooms, also a couple handfuls of coleslaw mix and saute' in nonstick skillet (nofat) til coleslaw is whimpy, then add beaten eggs, cover cook til set and browned on bottom then turn and brown on otherside. The sauce is what makes it! Sometimes I make it with only the sprouts and coleslaw mix but always the sauce. Thanks for sharing.

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L DJ September 17, 2007

Okay - the recipe could really use some tidying up because I kept having to go back and read the narrative and make sure I was doing everything right. It just needs to be bulleted out a little more so that it is easier to read. Having said that, the end product is ABSOLUTELY WORTH IT. This was my first time to try and make egg fu yung. I did it with my DH -- I put it together and he cooked up the patties. He doesn't like bean sprouts so we left these out. We added a couple of chopped mild chillies because we love chillies in everything. Our chosen meat was chicken which I chopped up pretty small -- I will say that it does seem important that everything is chopped small so that the patties don't break up. I started with 5 eggs and ended up adding 2 more for 7 total. We served the patties hot over brown rice with the sauce -- truly delicious. The next day we ate them over green salads for lunch. I still had a couple left over patties but they appear to have disappeared from the fridge...

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SolightlyUK May 21, 2005

I've made this twice now! I'm not a fan of water chestnuts, so those were left out as well as any meat. Used regular onion, broccoli, fresh mushroom, carrot and tons of fresh bean sprouts. Read other reviews with doubling the recipe, so the first time I did. We didn't use much, so now I keep it as is and it's enough for us. Will definitely be making again!

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papersouls June 29, 2015

I wish I had a photo to upload, but it was all gone before I had the chance!

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wnddrrwmnn April 07, 2013

WONDERFUL! I'm no whiz in the kitchen, but even I could do this with no problem and it turned out great. I tweaked it a little bit...added 3 tablespoons of hoisin sauce to the egg mixture for added flavor. A dollop of Chinese bead molasses would be good, too, but it's hard to find...the only place I can get it is at Asian grocery stores (regular supermarkets don't seem to carry it). The original recipe called for peanut oil to cook the patties, but I can't buy it in small bottles here so I used an Asian stir fry oil instead. The recipe also advised to drain as much liquid as possible from the canned veggies--a great tip is to throw all the veggies into a big piece of cheesecloth or a "flour sack" towel (buy these no-fuzz towels at WalMart) and s-q-u-e-e-z-e all the excess water out. Double or triple the sauce ingredients, cook REAL rice (no instant stuff) in a rice steamer for the side dish, and you've got low-carb Chinese restaurant perfection!! Thanks, Judy, for a real winner!

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grannie23 January 23, 2013

Super Egg Foo Yong! I made this with leftover chicken and subbed fresh mushrooms and sprouts. As per another reviewer I also added a bit of sesame oil to the eggs for a little boost in Asian flavour. The sauce was very good as written but I could resist adding a bit of hoisin to it. We devoured them. Thanks for posting.

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K9 Owned September 24, 2012

This is a definite keeper! My DH, who has eaten more Egg Foo Yong than any Caucasian man has a right to have eaten, gave it a thumbs up : ) I followed the recipe pretty closely, other than substituting fresh vegetables. Tips that helped me: 1) I steamed the broccoli and bean sprouts and dry sauteed all the carrots and mushrooms 2) I ran all filler ingredients, including the cooked turkey, in my Cusinart so that everything was finely chopped, 3) I used 3 cups of filler (meat and vegetables) to the 8 eggs and those proportions worked well and 4) I used a 1/4 cup measuring cup to scoop the egg/vegetable/meat mixture into the pan. I started with hot oil and lowered the temperature to medium halfway through cooking because the oil was very hot. Having said all this, it was the sauce that made this dish ~ don't skip it! Definitely double the sauce recipe.

I did freeze the leftovers so, hopefully, those will make for a quick meal later in the week.

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SGpratt November 25, 2011
Judy's Egg Foo Yong