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They tasted great, but it seems like these cookies are a case of trying to do too many things and so not doing either of them as well as they otherwise might. I've been looking for a molasses or ginger cookie that I could roll out, and these are the best ones I've tried, but they're not quite there yet. Rolling them was a beastly pain. I refrigerated them for about three hours, and the dough still seemed too sticky and fragile. My solution: roll between two large pieces of wax paper. Pull up the top layer, dust heavily with powdered sugar. Replace the wax paper, invert, pull up the new top (formerly bottom) layer, and dust heavily with powdered sugar again. Press cookie cutters into place and leave them there. Replace wax paper, invert again. Run spatula under dough and pick up cookie cutter upside down. Gently persuade cookie out of cutter and onto pan. Any shortcuts I tried resulted in sticking and/or tearing. The cookies were good, but definitey felt like a compromise --other kinds of cookies are easier to roll and cut out, and I prefer the texture and flavor of other molasses cookie recipes that can't be rolled out.

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Kitchen Ninja February 07, 2008

Golly ~ One of those recipes where I don't add orange, lemon, cranberry, mince or raisin! It has been a long time since I baked with dark molasses, & for the life of me I don't know why, 'cause these cokies are great tasting! Brought back memories of childhood & wintertime baking! Big batch or not, they didn't last long, so I'll definitely be making them again! Many thanks!

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Sydney Mike February 17, 2007
John's Roll-Out Molasses Cookies