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Very Very Good. When i made these My DH and brother were remodeling my moms kitchen, I go out to the garage and grab a trim hammer and my mom asks me what are you doing i help up the hammer and said Cooking. It was to smash the croutons :) I followed the recipe up to the maple syrup and blue cheese ( i dont like blue cheese) I cooked them on the smoker, put the burgers to the hot side close to the fire box to sear them, then moved them over to the cooler side to finish. There were no leftovers. Every one loved them. Tina

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Tina Madden September 10, 2007

John, these burgers are fabulous. I finally had a chance to make these. I made sure to follow the recipe exactly. I left the grilling to my husband (who claims he followed too). Burgers are a favorite in our house and I love finding new ways to make them. I will keep this recipe handy that's for sure. Thanks for posting!!

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simplemom November 18, 2007

Very good burgers John! I did make a few minor changes with this, I used 1/4 cup cooked finely chopped bacon, increased the Worcestershire sauce and omitted the onion powder, I did not use the mesquite wood chips as I did not have any I just grilled them on my outdoor gas grill, I let them sit in the fridge overnight to blend flavors, these bugers are worth making they are wonderful, thanks for sharing John!...Kitten:)

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Kittencal@recipezazz March 29, 2007

This burger ranks up there with the best! I couldn't BBQ them because of weather so pan fried along with some mushrooms. I cut the recipe to make one 6 oz burger - no problem.I served the burger on a mini Ciabatta loaf made by a local bakery. The pickles I used were Mama Africa's Zulu - Hot Jalapenos Mmm I must admit that I shuddered and my hand shook as I poured in the Maple syrup - Maple syrup with blue chees in a burger? Come on! However I followed the recipe and John I say thanks for a beautiful flavor filled burger

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Bergy November 05, 2006

Excellent burgers! They are full of flavor and juicy. I thought your recipe also provided helpful tips. Squaring the edges and chilling the patties were both terrific suggestions and made a difference in the finished product. My hubby was in charge of the grill last weekend and followed your instructions with the mesquite chips. The burgers had a nice smokey flavor. I did reduce the maple syrup by half. Thank you chef 308515 for a recipe we will use again!

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Susie D September 27, 2006
John's Best Burgers