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Oh YUM! Spicy comfort food! I used leftover chicken breast, cheddar as well as almond milk for the dumplings. Really liked this and will make it often in the future. Not sure the chicken is needed though- flavorful with or without.... Thank you!

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Camaro Chic October 30, 2011

DH loved this soup. I thought the soup was a bit salty and the sage was a little strong in the dumplings. Loved the kick from the jalapeno and the hot sauce. Also, This makes a ton of dumplings, but not enough soup. Maybe I was just expecting something a little different. I would have liked more broth. I know I'll make it again with just a couple changes. Thanks for posting.

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Lucky in Bayview October 08, 2011

Loved this easy and unusual soup! I used fresh parsley, did not add the optional chicken, and did add the optional cheese in the dumplings. The soup and dumplings were a great pair, both spicy but in different ways. The cooking of the dumplings made a creamy and satisfying soup. Thanks for sharing your recipe!

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loof September 12, 2011

If this is a first creation, then I am glad we will be around for the whole journey. Easy as peasy, and so darn good, really not "fire" at all, but a nice "kick" that was complimentary to the soup. I did add the optional cheese to the dumpling which just rounded out the whole taste sensation. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed that I had 3 cobs of fresh corn sitting shyly in the corner of the kitchen counter, that I had just harvested from our field today. I was tempted to throw a small handful of corn right into the soup, and decided to go for it. (I am not over fond of changing recipes), but sometimes in the magic of my kitchen the other vegetables (that are also being processed) think they should be included in the main event. I told them they could used if they were..."Very, VERY, quiet." and they were. A nice delicious little did-bit of a bit but not needed what so ever. I had everything on hand so this made it even nicer if that was possible. Great soup, and great taste! One that will stay in my recipe box for a long time. Made for *Everyday is a Holiday* tag game August 2009

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Andi of Longmeadow Farm August 12, 2009

Budget friendly, easy to make, and a spicy treat on a cold day. I was timid about too much hot sauce in the broth so decided to only use half thinking we could always spike it up if needed at the table. I also seeded the jalapenos. Otherwise I followed the recipe. The dumplings were the star of the show. We liked the combination of jalapenos, cheddar, and sage. I did have to add another cup of broth as the dumplings were cooking to keep them from sticking, but the soup ended up nicely thick. Next time I will add the cooked chicken and top with cilantro. Yum! Thank you for sharing the recipe! Made for For Your Consideration Tag at Food, Friends, & Fun.

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Susie D February 17, 2015

DH adored this recipe. I am not sure what I did, but somehow the soup ended up very thick...almost a cream of jalapeno soup instead. I will be making this again and again, though, because it was super delicious.

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Mama Sesh September 27, 2009

Terrific! 2 things i especially like, first its very easy and quick to make unlike many soups, secondly the dumplings have such flavor that they are worth eating soup for :)

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MarraMamba August 24, 2009
Johnny Jalapeno's Fire Dumpling Soup