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This is a really simple but excellent recipe. I followed the advice of some of the other cooks and reduced the amount of liquid added. I also adjusted the ratio of water to wine so that there was more wine than water added. The flavour and texture of the sauce is exactly right and it only gets better when it's frozen and reheated. I fed it to a set of finnicky teenagers and they gave it two thumbs up. The freshly grated Parmesan cheese was the icing on the cake (so to speak). I'm looking forward to my third and fourth servings. ;-) This is definitely a keeper!

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Nix May 09, 2002

I'm not one for making sauce from scratch b/c it's alot of time when the kids prefer jar sauce. But, I gave it a go. I followed everything to the T. It was a great sauce, just wish I'd read anything about how spicey it was. We are not fans of "heat" in our food so it seemed too much for us. Definitely too spicey for my 4 and 6 yr. old boys. It smelled heavenly all day long and we did like the consistency of it. Next time will omit pepper flakes. Maybe go 1/2 ground beef, but the sausage made it different. Just thought some might find it helpful to know it on the spicey side as written. Will make again with adjustments.

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Tracy H. December 29, 2002

This was a pretty good recipe,but it was a lot of work and ingredients for the flavor.

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tony soprano jr. May 13, 2002

I had to try this after all the rave reviews. I did make two changes after reading the reviews. I used 1 lb of ground sirloin instead of sausage. I also added about 1 cup of wine (merlot). This is terrific sauce! We let it simmer for most of the afternoon and when it was actually time for dinner, we were full from having "tasting" the sauce all day, we ended up not even making the pasta but just had the sauce in bowls and dipped fresh italian bread in it. I have two bags of this in the freezer that will surely make for wonderful future pasta dinners! Thanks for sharing this.

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Jill77 February 24, 2003

I've made several batches of this sauce and we really love it. But today I actually used it as a base for chili and it was awesome! I just added beans and chili spices and some more wine - YUMM!

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Sherri35 February 11, 2003

Very, very good sauce. My rather-picky 12-yr old doesn't do most spaghetti sauce and he loved it! He'd rather eat the noodles plain. The texture of the sauce was just right to "hang" on the noodles and the flavor (complimented by a really good cabernet) was divine! I did monkey around a bit with the spices-I added 3 tsp. of italian seasoning in place of the basil (personal preference), a full teaspoon of red pepper flakes and four tsp of garlic. As I was under the gun, I browned 1/2 ground beef and 1/2 sausage last weekend and froze it. I thawed it in the fridge overnight and added frozen, chopped and peeled tomatoes I had from my garden instead of the canned tomatoes. I think the secret is the brown sugar and the wine...it takes the edge off the canned taste. Thanks for a really pleasing sauce! I'll definately make this again.

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mostrah January 12, 2003

I followed the recipe exactly and used ground beef and 1/2 hot sausage and 1/2 sweet sausage. the second time I made it, I tripled the recipe so I could store in the freezer for a future Italian attack. This sauce is perfect for a hearty pasta like rigatoni. Definitely a keeper.

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BoxO'Wine January 08, 2003

My whole family loved this recipe, even my Italian father who normally only likes the sauce he makes. The only change I made was to use half the amount of meat. Excellent!

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Mega December 07, 2002

After 90 reviews, I'm sure you don't need ME to tell you that this was terrific! But - it really was. Typically, I don't care for meat sauces with my pasta, but my husband was in the mood for something like this, and since I never make sauce this way, I decided to check the 'Zaar for a recipe, saw this one, and decided to give it a try. I did add about a cup of a decent quality burgundy along with the water and simmered quite a while, until the sauce was fairly thick. Considering I don't care for meat-sauces, I thought this was really fantastic. And it was even better the next day. I would make this again, and again and again. Wonderful sauce, Sharlene - really wonderful. It's going in my permanent file.

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P4 February 26, 2003

easy, easy. i made this for our thirteen guests and it was enjoyed by all. i used 1 lb sausage and 1 lb ground beef and i left out the peppers for the kids. i usually make a meatless sauce so it was nice for a change. we will have this again.

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erinn in tbay January 16, 2003
Jo Mama's World Famous Spaghetti