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I'm not sure what Typhoon Jackson is talking about here. While I have seen other recipes for Alabama White Sauce that use the ratios he mentions, this one looks pretty reasonable. It's basically a 3:1 ratio, much like a salad dressing. I think this recipe makes more sense, if you ever had the actual "Morgan County" sauce served at Jim 'n Nick's BBQ.

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A. B. July 10, 2015

Did Jim and Nicks offer this up on April Fool's Day? So 2 1/2 cups of mayo to 2 tablespoons of liquid...never heard of a bbq sauce that had to be spread with a knife, maybe just me. Yes I'm being harsh, but this is the top return on google search so trying to help those looking for the real deal. I'd suggest changing the vinegar to 1/2 cup then adding apple juice and/or water until it's the consistency you want. Personally, I also reduced the amount of cayenne by half (think bbq sauce, not hot sauce) and added some onion powder. Probably still needs some fine tuning, but that should be much closer. Cheers

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Typhoon Jackson May 07, 2015
Jim 'n Nicks BBQ Alabama White Sauce