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I loved the simplicity of this recipe, it was almost as easy as using a box of Jiffy...seriously! I think next time I will use melted butter instead of the oil just to add a little more flavor because why not!! Everything is better with butter, right?!

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Classy Gal April 17, 2014

Loved these, I did add a little more milk because the batter did seem a little dry.

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Kim~In~Canada November 29, 2014

I used white cornmeal instead of yellow, and added butter instead of oil. Came out great, and the butter gave it a little yellow color.

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kristielove July 07, 2014

I thought this was excellent. I eliminated all the salt and did not feel like it affected the end result or flavor at all. The total volume seemed to be a little greater than the box of Jiffy that I am used to. It is nice to have a backup plan when I don't have the box mix.

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Spencer #2 June 14, 2014

Way too much flour in this recipe. I reversed the flour/cornmeal proportions using 2/3 c cornmeal and scant 1/2 c AP flour. Next time I'm going to bump the cornmeal up 1 cup and drop the AP flour back 1/4 cup and see if that makes it into Jiffy nirvana. This time was REALLY close. I increased the sugar to 4 T (1/4 cup) and added a little extra milk to thin the batter. Having a Southern cook for a mother I know to always start my pan in a cold oven with 1-2 T butter and melt the butter in the pan while the oven is preheating. Take your baking pan out as soon as the butter is melted or it will burn. Pour your Jiffy mix into the melted butter and bake in oven as usual. The butter makes for extra brown bottoms that taste heavenly. It also helps with complaints of dryness. This recipe was a place to start but it needed more help.

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Late Bloomer Girl August 13, 2012

Just tried this tonight for dinner since I was out of the regular box kind. I don't think it tastes just like Jiffy. I needed to add additional milk just to make the ingredients wet enough to mix. I baked this in a 9" square pan but should have made it in something smaller because it was too thin once baked. It was okay -- I'd make it again.

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myvintagewhimsy August 30, 2011

Tried this twice now and the first time it was way too dry and crumbly making it as is. This time I tripled the recipe to cook in my cast iron skillet. The mix seemed dry so I added an additional 1/2 cup milk which seemed to help but it was still pretty crumbly when it finished after 22 minutes. It is almost like Jiffy Mix but I think I'll add an extra egg next time I triple it. I prefer a moister cornbread and I think that adjustment will do it. Even as it turned out this time, my son & I enjoyed it with lots of butter to combat the dryness and crumbliness. Perhaps next time I can say it's a five star recipe. As is would be great with chili or something cooked with it. Thanks for a basic start that I can make work for us!

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Loves To Cook but NOT clean up May 25, 2011

My daughter loves Jiffy mix cornbread.. My husband and I are more old fashioned and like the white non sugary kind.. My mother made the Jiffy mix for Christmas and my 13 is addicted. I do have a problem with buying box things.. So when I typed in jiffy copycat and your recipe came up figured why not try it.. Well I AM SO GLAD I DID!!!!! Daughter demolished the pan of muffins.. everyone who hasn't tried the muffins yet.. oh dooooo! Thank you for posting a simple easy alternative that pleases the pickiest eaters.. lol

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WyomingMoonDust February 22, 2011

Great copycat recipe. I am from Alberta, Canada and I haven't been able to find Jiffy Mix anywhere in my city. I had bought some when I was down in Phoenix and absolutely love the Jiffy Mix and when I ran out I went in search of a good alternative and this is it. Thanks.

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katdi February 10, 2011
Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix Copycat