Jiffy Corn Casserole (5 Ingredients) Easy & Delicious!

Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 55 mins

Okay, I have made this in the past for "Mexican" night & poker nights... but then we had this again a few weeks ago at a friends party and just had to post the recipe for easy access & safe keeping. There are several recipes out there for this casserole, but they are all different. This one has no eggs (which seems to be hard to find) and uses only 5 ingredients. It's so easy to make but always a crowd pleaser - try it at a BBQ, alongside chili, or as a Holiday side-dish... ** NOTE: The consistency is supposed to be like a spoonbread, it is a casserole, not like cornbread you would cut into pieces -this is like Chi Chi's corn casserole they served on the side. PS- I make a double batch & bake in a 9x13x2 casserole dish. Lastly, if you add about 3/4 cup of sugar to this, you could serve it as a dessert :-)

Ingredients Nutrition

  • 1 (8 ounce) box Jiffy cornbread mix
  • 1 (15 ounce) can whole kernel corn, drained
  • 1 (15 ounce) can creamed corn (not drained)
  • 1 cup sour cream
  • 12 cup melted butter


  1. Mix all ingredients and pour into (greased or sprayed with cooking spray) 8x8" casserole dish.
  2. Cook uncovered for 55-60 minutes at 350 degrees.
Most Helpful

5 5

OMG!!!! I made this last night along with chili for a last minute dinner night, EVERYONE RAVED and most left with the recipe. I cannot believe how much of this I ate! I see that the last reviewer didn't understand that it is more of a casserole than a thick cornbread, so I want to make sure that people know that it is supposed to be like a spoonbread texture. I actually knew this in advance and I searched the web for this recipe for that reason. It is a side dish & is meant to be eaten with a fork or spoon - again, corn CASSEROLE not cornBREAD. Thanks for posting, I am glad this is on here so I have to search no longer when I need it again & again. Honestly, not one person out of 12 did not LOVE this dish.

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We loved this spoon-bread/casserole/corn pudding like dish! I did double the recipe and next time I will probably do the same except to keep the butter at 1/2 cup - it was a bit soupy and I had to cook for about 75 mins for it to be done. But OH, MY!! My family pigged out on this along with chili I had made. Very much a comfort food and excellent on a cold winter evening!!<br/>Do try this great recipe, but don't expect corn "bread" - it's more like a spoon-bread.

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This was a nice and different side dish. I added about a half cup of onions & half a can of green chilies. It was still fairly gooey on the inside after 60 minutes at 350 so I continued baking. The gooeyness never really went away so I'm assuming that was how it was supposed to be. Although after the comments regarding the casserole maintaining it's shape I'm thinking something went wrong with mine because that did not happen - it was more like a pudding on the inside even after baking for an addition 30 minutes. Regardless it was good! Thanks for this one!!

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